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'2021 Delight Seoul' explores city's past, present, future via media art
'2021 Delight Seoul' explores city's past, present, future via media art
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The 12 animals of the Asian zodiac, Hangeul, folk tales, Gwanghwamun Gate,...All of these are displayed at "2021 Delight Seoul," a media exhibition under the theme "Dynamic Transformation of Seoul" held at Insa Central Museum in the cultural and entertainment complex Anyoung Insadong in the Insa-dong neighborhood of the capital's Jongno-gu District.

This event comprises 11 themed spaces through the use of virtual and augmented reality and holograms, featuring the scenery and culture of Seoul's past, present and future.

Besides traditional Korean cultures such as Hangeul and folklore, the exhibition also shows city landmarks, including Gwanghwamun and Dongdaemun Design Plaza, through videos. A noncontact experience through barcode technology allows visitors to walk through the past and future.

"The Myth" (Design Silverfish)

Stepping into the exhibition and passing through the dense mist and dark moonlight leads to a mysterious forest of the 12 animal deities of the Asian zodiac. Purchasing an admission ticket and scanning a barcode with one's date of birth makes a ticketholder's guardian deity from among the 12 appear on a large screen; the deity's characteristics are also printed out.

"Welcome to Delight" (Xu Aiying)

The colorful lights of the traditional lantern cheongsachorong welcome visitors entering Seoul. A lighted stage filled with excitement gives visitors the feeling of walking on a path of flowers with dazzling lights.

"Dynamic Seoul" (Design Silverfish)

Midday rush and spectacular streets at night. This is Seoul.

"Echo of Soul" (Xu Aiying)
"Echo of Soul" (Xu Aiying)

This space is for experiencing Hangeul, a cohesion of Korean wisdom. Upon entering, one sees photos of visitors entering in real-time and letters in various forms reflected on their bodies.

"An Olden Tale" (Design Silverfish)
"An Olden Tale" (Design Silverfish)

This media facade show displays the ocean as depicted in a folk tale. Visitors can see themselves as the main characters through a mirror and get an immersive experience of being in the story.

"The Story in Seoul" (Xu Aiying)
"The Story in Seoul" (Xu Aiying)

Another media facade displays recreated images of Seoul depicting the city's past and future. Black-and-white photos and a collage of popping colors blur the line between eras and create art out of daily life art.

This exhibition runs until June 30 and admission is KRW 12,000-KRW 18,000.