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Fair Daejeon ‘Ontong Daejeon’ Scholarship Project started
Fair Daejeon ‘Ontong Daejeon’ Scholarship Project started
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In May last year, when the social and economic damage was aggravated by COVID-19, the local currency of our city ‘Ontong Daejeon’ hurriedly launched.

In just 7 months, it has exceeded 500,000 users and KRW 900 billion in issuance, causing a big repercussion.

When used at a local level, it brought various economic benefits to consumers and small business owners in the region, playing a role as a relief pitcher.

Benefits to commemorate the launch of ‘Ontong Daejeon,’ which received great response from citizens

In particular, the intrinsic purpose of restoring the alley commercial district by preventing the outflow of local capital, which was aggravated by the rapid transition going from offline to online of the consumer market and the monopoly of a large distribution network, is also paying off.

Accordingly, Daejeon City is developing Ontong Daejeon online malls and delivery services in order to meet the changes in the non-face-to-face era.

They continue to expand good consumption and play its natural role of local currency, which contributes to the development and recovery of the local community.


Fair Daejeon ‘Ontong Daejeon’ Scholarship Project

On the 7th, Daejeon City held a business agreement ceremony with Hana Bank, Daejeon Social Welfare Community Chest, and Daejeon Regional Headquarters of the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation to promote the “Ontong Daejeon All Hope Scholarship Support” project in the reception room of the city hall.

Business agreement ceremony for the ‘Ontong Daejeon All Hope Scholarship Support’ Project held in the reception room of Daejeon City Hall on the 7th

The agreement on this day is to share the spirit of sharing and establish a cooperative system to provide scholarships to families of small businessmen and children of disadvantaged families who are experiencing economic difficulties.

Accordingly, Daejeon City plans to provide KRW 200 million in scholarships to help stable school life for a total of 400 children (200 annually) from small business families and vulnerable children who are experiencing economic difficulties for the next two years.

Daejeon City is in charge of administrative support such as scholarship recommendation and screening. Hana Bank donates scholarships to the Daejeon Social Welfare Community Chest, and the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation Daejeon Regional Headquarters is in charge of various tasks such as scholarship review, selection, and payment.

A working council of four institutions will be formed, and detailed plans such as beneficiaries and selection criteria for scholarship support projects will be prepared.

Daejeon Mayor Her Tae-jeong said, “Today's agreement provides an opportunity to realize the value of coexistence where we live well together by advancing the entire Daejeon, which has been a great support for small businessmen and self-employed people suffering from COVID-19. He said, “We will give strength to young people who cannot express their hope and strengthen the solidarity of the community.”

From the left, Chung Tae-hee , Chairman of Daejeon Social Welfare Community Fund, Yoon Soon-ki, CEO of Hana Bank Chungcheong Sales Group, Her Tae-jeong, Mayor of Daejeon, Park Mi-ae, Head of Daejeon Regional Headquarters for Green Umbrella Children's Foundation

For more information, contact the Small Business Department of Daejeon City (042-270-3651).

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