FRI, FEBRUARY 26, 2021
See you at the Nonsan Strawberry Festival(논산딸기축제), the world's sweet and sour Nonsan Strawberry Festival.
See you at the Nonsan Strawberry Festival(논산딸기축제), the world's sweet and sour Nonsan Strawberry Festival.
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On-Tact Nonsan Strawberry Festival will be held for 5 days from 24th to 28th

Luxury Nonsan Strawberry, which boasts the best sweet and sour strawberry flavor in Korea, has heralded that it will sweeten the hearts of online visitors across the country.

Nonsan City (Mayor Hwang Myung-sun) will host the 2021 On-Tact Nonsan Strawberry Festival through the YouTube channel 'Nonsan Strawberry Scent TV' for five days from the 24th to the 28th, and promote the excellent quality and taste of Nonsan strawberries nationwide.

The city plans to prepare 16 live programs, 24 VOD contents, 1 strawberry special sale exhibition, and 16 event events under different themes such as 'Nonsan Strawberry, Love the Color', 'Drunken Scent' and 'Enjoy the Taste.‘

At the opening ceremony held at Strawberry-Hyang Rural Theme Park on the 24th, you can see the history of Nonsan Strawberry being reborn as the best luxury strawberry in the country along with comedian Kim Min-Kyung's strawberry cake making, Chaehwan, and Sunny Hill.

From the 25th to the 27th, we will introduce a fun and exciting story that happens while visiting strawberry farms and cultural assets in our region through a farm tour with a global influencer. There is a time to introduce beautiful tourist attractions that Nonsan boasts, such as Sunshine Land, Topjeongho Lake, Coolung Bridge, and Donamseowon.

A special exhibition is scheduled to allow you to purchase strawberries at a 30% discount on three occasions every day. In particular, 'Nonsan Strawberry Talk & Music Live Commerce', which will be held once a day, is expected to draw more attention as it is a time for famous guests such as professional MCs, singers Kang Hye-yeon and Park Seo-jin to talk together and introduce and sell luxury Nonsan strawberries.

Also, Berry Berry Good Strawberry Cooking, scheduled for the weekend, will not only showcase a variety of strawberry dishes that can be enjoyed by the whole nation but also promote 'Luxury Nonsan Strawberry' by using SNS with great ripple effects such as Facebook and Instagram.

Also, Making strawberry omelets with celebrities, Nonsan's specialty and strawberry introduction with foreign eyes will be held, and on the last day, various unexpected videos were taken during the festival, including 'On-Tact Nonsan Strawberry Unexpected Video', will provide fun and laughter.