TUE, APRILL 13, 2021
Dream Start Integrated Services, Dong-gu District, Daejeon(대전 동구청), ‘Hope for Children’.
Dream Start Integrated Services, Dong-gu District, Daejeon(대전 동구청), ‘Hope for Children’.
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Total 39 programs in 4 fields including physical and health... Providing customized services for vulnerable children.
'Dream Start'

Dong-gu District, Daejeon (District Mayor Hwang In-ho) announced on the 10th that it will promote ‘Dream Start Customized Integrated Service’ for 270 vulnerable children and their families to ensure healthy growth and development of vulnerable children.

DreamStart is a child welfare project that supports children from vulnerable groups under the age of 12 (under elementary school students) and their families to grow into happy members of society.

The district plans to promote a total of 39 programs for 270 people this year, including health examinations, vaccinations, and child care education in four areas: ▲ physical and healthy ▲ cognition and language ▲ emotion and behavior ▲ parents and family.

Dong-gu District Office

Also, the project will be carried out by a child integrated case manager to identify the needs of consumers through home visits and provide basic services necessary by dividing them into health, nutrition, education, culture, and welfare sectors. It will also provide a variety of customized services such as child health examination services, nutrition snack support, basic learning skills cultivation for preschoolers, integrated psychotherapy and counseling programs for children with developmental delays, and parent education.

Ahn Ok, head of the Women's Family Division, said, "We will promote various dream start projects that meet the needs of each family through strengthening case management, customized services, and local resources. and We will do our best to help our children grow healthy with their bodies and minds through various experiences and services."


Photos by Dong-gu District