TUE, APRILL 13, 2021
Boryeong City is rapidly emerging as a marine tourist destination.
Boryeong City is rapidly emerging as a marine tourist destination.
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Transforming into a new tourist hub with the opening of the undersea Tunnel.
Wonsan Anmyeon Bridge
Wonsan Anmyeon Bridge (Photo by Boryeong City)

Boryeong City is making all-out efforts to establish a tourist hub for Wonsan Island, which will be a new vitality for marine tourism, in time for the opening of the Boryeong Sea Tunnel (Daecheon Port to Wonsan Island) at the end of this year.

Following the opening of the Wonsan Anmyeon Bridge in 2019, Wonsan-do is expected to increase the number of tourism floating population as accessibility is improved by connecting the nation's longest undersea tunnel at the end of this year.

In line with this, Boryeong City has established a new national road 77 team and Wonsan Island business trip site since 2019 to complete the maintenance of administrative organizations and accelerate the expansion and reorganization of major infrastructure to become a tourist hub.

Also, three campsites are set up and operated to be reborn as a stay-type tourist complex where anyone can easily experience and stay, and a walking path and observatory will be established by investing 1.3 billion won in project funds around Sorok Island.

Wonsan Island
Wonsan Island (Photo by Boryeong City)

The construction of an eco-friendly mobility public platform has also begun this year and is being carried out to complete it by 2023 by investing 4 billion won to transform Wonsan Island into a digital smart tourist destination.

Also, the government is preparing a special product integration center to provide clean and safe food and a food zone creation project using food trucks. In particular, the start-up support project using rural idle facilities by investing 770 million won will be established as a new attraction for Wonsan Island as it is scheduled to be completed at the end of June.

Boryeong Mayor Kim Dong-il said, "The opening of the undersea tunnel linking Daecheon Port and Wonsan Island at the end of this year will change the tourist map of the west coast, We will do our best to build a tourism infrastructure so that Wonsan Island can become a tourism hub on the west coast.“