TUE, APRILL 13, 2021
Daejen City Goes To 'Science MICE City’
Daejen City Goes To 'Science MICE City’
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Korea's Best MICE City Goes for 3 Strategies and 9 Tasks
Hanbit Top Media Facade (Daejeon City)
Hanbit Top Media Facade (Daejeon City)

The Daejeon Metropolitan Government is preparing to become a science MICE city this year.

Daejeon City announced on the 17th that it has established the Daejeon MICE brand and established the 2021 MICE Industry Promotion Plan, which includes three major promotion strategies and nine detailed promotion tasks for the best MICE city in Korea.

This plan embodies the five-year plan to foster the MICE industry in Daejeon in 2020, and plans to present a blueprint for MICE in Daejeon and intensively foster MICE as a future industry.

In particular, the core of the plan is to incorporate science that is more competitive than competing cities such as Seoul and Busan to establish a differentiated MICE identity in Daejeon, a science city, and leap into the 'International Conference City Daejeon, MICE Center'.

DCC Second Exhibition Bird's-Eye View (Daejeon City)
DCC Second Exhibition Bird's-Eye View (Daejeon City)

To this end, the Daejeon Metropolitan Government has prepared three new promotion strategies: ▲MICE infrastructure plus +, ▲MICE content plus +, and ▲MICE ecosystem plus +.

First of all, 'MICE Infrastructure Plus+' is a strategy to build a science MICE landmark, such as the installation of a large LED signage in Expo Park, designate a science-specialized international conference complex, and improve transportation infrastructure using self-driving buses.

'Daejeon MICE Content Plus+' will then discover and hold science exhibitions such as the drone industry exhibition fair, develop Daejeon's special exhibition and tourism programs, including the creation of wine streets for Expo Science Park and the revitalization of Yuseong Hot Spring.

Finally, 'MICE Ecosystem Plus+' will promote the Daejeon MICE Network, which aims to establish a MICE belt in the Chungcheong metropolitan area, introduce facilities for non-face-to-face video conferencing, and foster MICE science local talent.

To foster the MICE industry, a high value-added industry with a great economic ripple effect, the Daejeon Metropolitan Government plans to establish an organic cooperation system for related industries such as Science, Tourism, Culture, and Content and increase cooperation and communication among departments.

Yoo Deuk-won, head of the planning and coordination office in Daejeon City, said, "Daejeon is facing a major change in the MICE industry, including the construction of the Daejeon Convention Center's second exhibition hall, the expo re-creation project, and the hosting of the UCLG in 2022. We will make good use of these opportunities to develop Daejeon into an international conference city and a new center city for MICE,“