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Citizen's Choice of Top 10 Daejeon-type New Deal Specialized Tasks
Citizen's Choice of Top 10 Daejeon-type New Deal Specialized Tasks
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Selection of projects that are highly connected to the Korean version of New Deal, regional interest, and citizens' experience

The Daejeon Metropolitan Government finally selected the 'Top 10 Specialized Tasks for Daejon New Deal' on the 7th to leap forward for the 100 years of Daejeon.

The city was finally selected based on the results of an online survey conducted by the 30th of last month through the Daejeon seesaw, a policy proposal platform for civic participation, and a video of Mayor Huh Tae-jung's announcement of 10 specialized tasks was released on the city's official YouTube and SNS.

Four digital new deals, four green new deals, one safety net reinforcement, and one balanced development by sector and specialized tasks were selected mainly for projects that are close to citizens' daily lives and are closely related to Korean new deals.

In the digital new deal field, ▲ Re-creation of Daedeok Special Zone ▲ Building an intelligent city with artificial intelligence function ▲ Building an Internet-based disaster safety integration platform ▲ Advanced Next-Generation Intelligent Transportation System was selected.

In the field of Green New Deal, ▲ Creating a Forest to Respond to Climate Change ▲ Blue Water Road Project in the City ▲ Strategy to Respond to Fine Dust 2.0 ▲ Construction of an Eco-friendly Tram City was selected.

Also, in the field of strengthening the ▲ safety net, the Daejeon Youth 'Tomorrow (MY JOB)' project ▲ In the field of balanced regional development, the project to create a metropolitan and circular road network in Chungcheong Province was selected by citizens, respectively.

The city plans to accelerate the creation of Daejeon-type New Deal performance by focusing its capabilities on the 10 tasks selected by citizen participation through the process of collecting opinions from experts.

Also, Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung plans to visit the New Deal project site, including 10 specialized tasks, with experts, and take care of the progress.

Mayor Huh Tae-jung said, "More than 1,300 citizens participated in the online survey on the selection of the top 10 tasks, and various ideas such as comments are meaningful." "We will communicate with citizens and create a springboard for the new 100 years of Daejeon.“

In line with the Korean version of the New Deal, the city started a new deal in July last year, pushing for an action plan from February this year, and establishing governance for the new deal, including expert working groups, vice-mayor-led working groups, and city and district councils.