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"Open a box named Korea."
"Open a box named Korea."
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Korea Tourism Organization launched K-box marketing centered on Europe, Americas & Oceania branch offices in May.
Using various themes such as movies and traditional games.
(Photo) K-Box Image
(Photo) K-Box Image

Amid the growing thirst for overseas travel due to the prolonged Covid-19, the Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae, hereinafter the Corporation) will launch 'K-box marketing' to attract overseas consumers' attention to Korea in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

K-box marketing is a new concept of non-face-to-face marketing in which courier and digital channels are mobilized amid corona, which is recently gaining popularity in Europe and the United States. The Corporation, which first attempted box marketing based on K-beauty at the Paris branch last year, will begin in May with various themes of K-box marketing based on popular Korean content such as movies, food, and traditional games.

In the U.S., K-box marketing using Korean movies will take place in earnest from May as the movie 'Minari', starring actress Yoon Yeo-jung, becomes a strong candidate for the upcoming Oscars. The Los Angeles branch of the corporation will launch an online event on May 5 in collaboration with a leading local snack box company(Munch Addict) with more than 30,000 subscribers. Also on May 22, a Minari film screening will be held at Paramount Drive-in Theater near Los Angeles, delivering K-movie boxes to participants. The K-Movie Box consists of Korean snack products such as Blu-ray DVD of the movie "Parasite," Minari Recipe Guidebook, Netflix Guidebook, Korea Tourism Guide, Honey Butter Chip, Jjapaguri Cup Noodle, Red Ginseng Pouch, and Omija Beverage.

It will also launch unboxing marketing, which has recently emerged as a major content of YouTube. The corporation has prepared a K-Movie Box unboxing event involving famous U.S. film critics The Flick Pick (300,000 subscribers) and Karsten Runquist (500,000 subscribers) and plans to actively promote it to major local media such as Hollywood reporters and the LA Times.

(Photo) K-box composition example (Promoted by Paris in November 2020, Composed of Beauty Box)
(Photo) K-box composition example (Promoted by Paris in November 2020, Composed of Beauty Box)

In France, the K-Playbox is set to be released based on the family's stay at home. The playbox, which will be released next month at the Paris branch of the corporation, will be carried out in collaboration with French playbox maker EnVoya Jeux and contains board games under the theme of traditional Korean games such as Hangul games, Yut game, and knot making. The playbox will be produced as a 'Korean Culture Exploration Box' and SNS events will also be held at a time when sales will begin on the Internet and bookstores.

Russia's box marketing, which will also take place in May, focuses on promoting tourist hub cities such as Gangneung, Busan, and Andong. Moscow Corporation will collaborate with OZON, Russia's largest e-commerce online shopping mall with 2.5 million members, create a landing page on OZON's travel site and hold an augmented reality (AR) event using a separate Instagram story function filter, and provide K-boxes to event participants.

Also, an unboxing event featuring Australia's former national skier Lydia Lassila took place in March, introducing content such as travel carriers, Korean food, Taegeukseon fans, Korea Tourism Augmented Reality AR stickers, and Korea Tourism Guidebooks. In Canada, the U.K., and Germany, K-box events using various materials such as the introduction of traditional Korean food and live classes of temple food are also being prepared during the first half of the year.

Kim Jong-sook, head of Europe, Americas & Oceania Team, said, "K-box marketing is a project to promote Korean tourism in the post-corona era by utilizing various contents related to Korea in the U.S., Europe, and Australia," adding, "It is expected that the public relations reach about 20 million cases using Corporation SNS channels, local networks, and influencer.“