TUE, MAY 11, 2021
‘Ontong Sale’ to celebrate the first anniversary of the Ontong Daejeon
‘Ontong Sale’ to celebrate the first anniversary of the Ontong Daejeon
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Purchase limit of 1 million won in May, up to 15% cashback, and car giveaways.
Daejeon City
Daejeon City

The Daejeon Metropolitan Government announced that it will hold an 'Ontong Sale' from May 14 to May 31 to mark the first anniversary of Ontong Daejeon's issuance and Family Month in May.

This event is held by Daejeon City to support citizens and small business owners who are suffering from the prolonged COVID-19. It is planned with the slogan 'Let's be together, Ontong Daejeon! Cheer up, Daejeon economy!' and will be held for 18 days in consideration of the Korona 19 situation.

Looking at the event, the purchase limit will be expanded to 1 million won during May and up to 15% cashback will be paid.

It can charge 500,000 won from May 1 to May 13, and it will pay 10% cashback up to 500,000 won in usage.

In addition, from May 14 to May 31, 500,000 won can be charged once more regardless of the amount used in the previous period (May 1 to May 13), and 15% cashback will be paid up to 500,000 won.

It is going to push for 'Consumption Promotion Relay Event' to increase sales of small businesses by region.

Starting May 14, the autonomous districts will be set as 'Autonomous District Day' for three days to attract consumption. The order is Dong-gu, Jung-gu, Seo-gu, Yuseong-gu, Daedeok-gu.

On the autonomous district day, 514 people (about 10,000 people a month) will be drawn every day among users of Ontong Daejeon 10,000 won or more and 10,000 won will be paid for the Daejeon policy allowance. The draw lots are electronically held and duplicate winning is allowed, but if the payment is canceled, it will be excluded from the winning.

The opening ceremony of the Ontong Sale will be held on May 14 (Friday) at 14:00 on Sky Road, Eungjeong Street.

Details of other sales benefits can be found on the Daejeon app or homepage (www.ontongdaejeon.kr).

Daejeon City
Daejeon City