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2022 UCLG General Assembly Basic Plan Report to be held
2022 UCLG General Assembly Basic Plan Report to be held
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Mayor Huh Tae-jung, the announcement of event plans and discussion of relevant officials' public officials, such as cooperation in each field.
2022 UCLG General Assembly Basic Plan Report (Daejeon City)
2022 UCLG General Assembly Basic Plan Report (Daejeon City)

Daejeon City (Mayor Heo Tae-jung) announced on the 11th that it held a briefing session at the City Hall's meeting room to establish a basic plan for the 2022 World United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) General Assembly.

The city set the vision for next year's general assembly as a sustainable city's future and peace-building through global urban communities and presented four goals (sustainable smart cities, decentralization and civic participation, and Hallyu festival world communication).

Mayor Huh Tae-jung had time to discuss the direction of each field and cooperation on action plans with senior officials at the briefing session.

The Daejeon Metropolitan Government decided to hold a general assembly as a face-to-face event or to hold a hybrid (face-to-face+non-face-to-face) meeting for quarantine safety depending on the situation of COVID-19 infectious disease.

The detailed program of the event will be held in various events such as meetings, sessions, and smart exhibitions by establishing a cooperative system with Daejeon-related organizations and civic groups such as official events, general meetings, and *Daejeon-type programs.

*World-wide interests, including the Inter-Korean City Peace Declaration, the Carbon Neutral City Pledge, and the Science Capital Declaration.

Public relations at home and abroad were planned various aspects such as central ministries, overseas sister and friendship cities, overseas missions, foreign honorary ambassadors, video contests using local public relations and online, quiz events, and English speech competitions.

The operation of the event unit will be rooms (4,000 rooms in 30 hotels within 15 minutes of the event), transportation (a total of 180), tourism (DMZ tours, research institutes, theme tours, etc.) to be satisfied by visitors and prioritizing safety. By linking the website of the event with a smartphone (reactive web), it will focus on creating a carbon-neutral conference hall without attachments and preventing it and plan for opening and closing ceremonies, banquets, and side events.

It also will be linked to the participation of civic groups and volunteers to create conditions for many Daejeon citizens to participate and work in connection with local festivals such as D-1 anniversary events, 100 days ago celebrations, and general assembly main events.

Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung said, "It is now a Corona situation, but we will do our best to prepare for the quarantine and event for international events where all citizens and Daejeon city officials can overcome Corona and take off their masks next year.“

Mayor Huh Tae-jung also added, "Through this general assembly, we will contribute to improving Daejeon's international status by attracting international conferences to discuss and develop urban issues and science fields with global cities in the future."