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[Kakao Map] Bicycle Navigation BETA Opens
[Kakao Map] Bicycle Navigation BETA Opens
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Credit: Kakao Map Office Site

Kakao Map has introduced "Bicycle Navigation," which provides bicycle road information, slopes, and driving records for cyclists.

According to Kakao on the 4th, Kakao Map has opened the "Bicycle Navigation BETA" service since the 28th of last month.

Kakao's bicycle navigation offers a variety of routes, including bike lanes, shortest distances, and comfortable roads for cycling. The ratio and gradient of bicycle lanes among all routes can be seen by a graph of altitude.

Credit: Kakao Map Office Site

Kakao Map provides a variety of information to enable safe driving through bicycle navigation. 

You can check the next step directions such as left turn, right turn, and crosswalk; as well as other functions like current speed, current location on the path, time to drive, remaining distance, search around restaurants, cafes, etc., and elevation graph.

Various driving information such as route information and current speed can be easily checked through connection with Apple Watch.

Driving information can be showed on Apple Watch

Records of bicycle navigation can also be collected and checked on a daily or monthly basis. Accumulated driving time, distance, elevation, and calorie consumption can be checked by month or by driving. It is also easy to save records of driving as GPX (path data) files.

"We hope that the bicycle navigation will make your riding more enjoyable," a Kakao official said. "We will actively reflect feedback because some directions or movements may not be smooth with beta services."