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Kombae-ryong Forest Resources called the 'Heavenly Flower Garden': Protecting with Local Residents.
Kombae-ryong Forest Resources called the 'Heavenly Flower Garden': Protecting with Local Residents.
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Efforts to preserve forest genetic resources and use them reasonably through the operation of limited exploration systems.
Gombaeryeong's Spring (Korea Forest Service)
Kombae-ryong's Spring (Korea Forest Service)

The Korea Forest Service (Director Choi Byung-am) has been operating a limited exploration system since 2009 to strictly protect the Kombae-ryong Forest Genetic Resources of Jumbongsan Mountain, a natural heritage of mankind that should be preserved for future generations.

※ Limited summer (4.21-10.31) and winter (12.16-2.28) are implemented in areas controlled for entry or designated trails throughout the year and closed every Monday and Tuesday.

Jumbongsan Mountain is a representative primitive forest of the Korean Peninsula, where not only about 850 kinds of plants, or about 20% of its native species, are grown, but also where forests gradually change over a long period.

Gombaeryeong summit (Korea Forest Service)
Kombae-ryong summit (Korea Forest Service)

To systematically and stably preserve the outstanding forest biodiversity of Jumbongsan Mountain, the area is designated as a forest genetic resource protection zone and a Baekdudaegan protection area to control entry throughout the year.

As such, no one can enter Jumbongsan Mountain, but the Korea Forest Service operates a limited exploration system (pre-booking system) to make various forest genetic resources called 'heavenly flower garden' available to the public and to enhance people's understanding of forest ecosystem protection.

On the other hand, Kombae-ryong Ecological Exploration contributes to the development of the local community, including the creation of residents' income by separating the website of the Korea Forest Service ( and the village agency reservation system to establishing a cooperative system with the local community.

A total of 900 people will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, divided into 450 people at the Forest Service's website and 450 people at the village agency reservation system. ※Reservation by village agent (contact local lodging establishments separately)

Gombaeryeong's Spring (Korea Forest Service)
Kombae-ryong's Spring (Korea Forest Service)

In addition, it shares awareness of the importance of forest genetic resource protection zones with residents and operates a Kombae-ryong operation and management council involving residents and experts to cooperate in forest protection.

Kim Yong-gwan, Director of the Forest Protection Bureau, Korea Forest Service, said "The Kombae-ryong Forest Ecology Tour is an ideal example of conservation and rational use of genetic resources, and the Korea Forest Service plans to strictly manage ecologically important areas while increasing voluntary participation in forest protection." "We urge visitors to keep their precautions such as visiting time for the coexistence of nature and people.“