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Time travel to Korea's ancient kingdom of Baekje in Gongju (공주)
Time travel to Korea's ancient kingdom of Baekje in Gongju (공주)
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Gongju city - one of the important places keeping historical evidence of the Baekje era. Nowadays, the sites of historical significance in the city have become very interesting tourist destinations attracting tourists from all over the world to learn about the history of Korea.

Last weekend, the staffs of WalkintoKorea have experienced an exciting trip to some of the important landmarks of the Baekje historical site under the guidance of Ms. Gong Ju Seon. On walking into the city of Gongju, we have explored the outstanding monuments of Gongsanseong Fortress along with some interesting nearby attractions.

Let's discover these destinations with us!

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Gongsanseong Fortress (공산성), Gongju (공주)

Located in Gongju, Gongsanseong Fortress is a mountain castle established during the Baekje Period (234-678). The fortress is more than 2.6 kilometers long at 110 meters above sea level. Built using earthen fortifications during the Baekje Dynasty, the fortress was fortified with stone during the Joseon Dynasty. 

Geumseoru Gate of Gongsanseong Fortress
The flag of Baekho (white tiger) on the west of Gongsanseong Fortress
From this position, tourists can witness the breathtaking panorama of Gongsanseong Fortress.
Giám đốc điều hành và các nhân viên của WalkintoKorea
CEO and staff of WalkintoKorea

Jemincheon (제민천)  

Gongju Hasuk Village

We stopped by the famous Gongju Hasuk Village (공주하숙마을). This is indeed a very suitable place for tourists who want to escape the crowd and rush of big cities. The village still retains its ancient features so you can feel the memories and nostalgia of Gongju's boarding culture in the 1960s-1970s. With the Jemicheon Stream flowing around the village, the scene exudes a really fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

Jemicheon Stream
Old photos and drawings evoke nostalgia in the hearts of tourists.
Address: 56-14 Sanseongsijang 1-gil

We also visited Sanseong Market (산성시장) which was chosen as one of the top 50 traditional markets to go to by the Small and Medium Business Administration and the Market Management Promotion Center in 2011. We chose a small restaurant for our lunch and had a very nice meal. More specifically, this is also the place where the members of Running Man once visited in episode 343.

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