FRI, JUNE 18, 2021
Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise: 'Daecheong Lake Ecological Theme Tourism Program, A walk with an Artist’
Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise: 'Daecheong Lake Ecological Theme Tourism Program, A walk with an Artist’
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Daecheong Lake Obaekni-gil
Daecheong Lake Obaekni-gil

Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise (President Ko Kyung-gon) will run the 'Walk with an Artist, Daecheong Lake Ecological Theme Tourism Program' until June 30 (Wednesday).

Daecheong Lake Ecological Theme Tourism Program is a tour program that combines various contents from regions such as ecotourism, culture, and art based on six sections (59km) of Daecheong Lake Obaekni-gil, which is called the inland sea. The string quartet, which is enjoyed on the lakeside, relaxes the body and mind, soothes the tired mind and body from communication with village artists, and provides the experience of creating my wonderful pottery and dyeing works with the soul of nature.

The program runs under three themes. The first course is ‘Daecheong Lake Walk with an Artist’, the second course is ‘Daecheong Lake Healing Theme Trip’, and the third course is ‘Daecheong Lake Humanities Story Trip’ (1 night and 2 days).

Daecheong Lake Obaekni-gil is a non-face-to-face tourist destination and is a clean ecological experience tour enjoyed in nature during the COVID-19 era by using a 45-seat bus (20-person boarding) / private car / rental car for social distancing. This program will be carried out in response to COVID-19 by following thorough quarantine and personal disinfection.

Anyone can apply for participation regardless of region or age, and the application method can be used in the walking section with artists at (Travel4U website). Details can be found on the Travel4U website.

Ko Kyung-gon, president of Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise, said, "We will try to make Daecheongho a non-face-to-face tourist destination where people can experience various cultural and historical resources in addition to local ecological resources. We hope that the people who are tired of Corona Blue will be comforted and have a chance to heal.“

*In 2021, the ecological theme tourism program 'A walk with an Artist' was selected as government expenditure and will be re-operated in the second half of 2021.