SAT, JULY 31, 2021
Mayor Huh Tae-jung Makes Rapper Debut in Show Me the Daejeon
Mayor Huh Tae-jung Makes Rapper Debut in Show Me the Daejeon
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Promotion of major policies in Daejeon City...The music video to be released on July 1st.
Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung (Daejeon City)

Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung will release a hip-hop song 'Show Me the Daejeon'.

'Show Me the Daejeon' is a rap song based on the Korean hip-hop survival program Show Me the Money.

In the fourth year of the 7th popular election, the Daejeon Public Relations Office chose hip-hop, which is popularly loved, while preparing to promote major policies in Daejeon in recent years.

Initially, the department in charge planned to make posts using professional rappers. However, Mayor Huh was cast after hearing rumors that he enjoys hip-hop.

Mayor Huh, who exceeded the mid-50s, could not have been close to hip-hop from the beginning. Mayor Huh, who has two sons in their 20s, is said to be interested in young culture and making efforts to communicate with the next generation. Mayor Huh's favorite rapper is Mush Venom, born in Shintanjin-dong, Daedeok-gu, who won second place in Show Me the Money Season 9 last year. At that time, he drew attention by singing in a Chungcheong-do dialect with rap.

Mayor Huh's debut as a rapper is also due to his promise with Daejeon Blues subscribers, the official YouTube channel of Daejeon City. In April, Mayor Huh appeared on YouTube and pledged to record the rap if the post exceeded 75,000 views. This post has more than 99,000 views.

Mayor Huh's policy rap was recently completed with the help of Professor Lee Hae-won and Professor Jeon Young-jin of the Department of Global Practical Arts at Woosong Information University and will be released on July 1 through Daejeon Blues.