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2022 UCLG Organizing Committee officially launched
2022 UCLG Organizing Committee officially launched
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Chairman Huh Tae-jung, Daejeon Mayor - Getting ready for the event to drive success.
Photograph of Durban General Assembly in South Africa confirmed to host UCLG (Daejeon City)
Photograph of Durban General Assembly in South Africa confirmed to host UCLG (Daejeon City)

Daejeon City will officially launch an organizing committee on July 1 for the successful hosting of the 2022 General Assembly of the United Cities and Local Government (hereinafter referred to as the 2022 UCLG General Assembly).

Since last year, Daejeon City has promoted the establishment of a separate organization dedicated to preparations for the 2022 UCLG General Assembly. It held an inaugural general meeting last month and completed all related administrative procedures in advance, including permission to establish and registration of the corporation.

In the meantime, the Daejeon Metropolitan Government has established detailed action plans for each field to successfully hold the 2022 UCLG General Assembly and has been preparing in advance for smooth operation with the launch of the organizing committee. After the launch of the organizing committee, it plans to promote online and offline promotion consisting of civic journalists, college student supporters, and civic promotion, and overseas online promotion through overseas diplomatic missions and sister and friendship city networks in Daejeon.

In addition, it has been continuing working-level consultations with UCLG World Secretariat through online video conferences to push for the 2022 UCLG General Assembly Agreement. In October this year, Mayor Huh Tae-jung plans to visit Barcelona, Spain, where the UCLG World Secretariat is located, to sign an official agreement. In addition, Daejeon City officials plan to visit UCLG member cities, sister cities, and friendship cities to conduct offline promotional activities to invite participants.

The 2022 UCLG General Assembly is a stage for urban diplomacy between local governments around the world, and the event will be held in Daejeon next year for the seventh time. The General Assembly will discuss the role of local governments in rapid globalization, including peace-building, sustainable development, and decentralization of the world's cities, and share urban problems and solutions.

UCLG General Assembly Organizing Committee Foundation General Assembly. (Daejeon City)
UCLG General Assembly Organizing Committee Foundation General Assembly. (Daejeon City)

Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung was appointed as the chairman of the organizing committee of the Daejeon UCLG Organizing Committee. Outside figures, including Kim Bok-cheol, chairman of Daedeok Science Council, Jeong Tae-hee, president of Daejeon Chamber of Commerce, Oh Deok-sung, former president of Chungnam National University, Lee Kwang-chuk, president of TJB Daejeon Broadcasting, Ham Young-joo, vice chairman of Hana Financial Group, Choi Sun-mok, president of Hanwha Group Communication Committee, Kang Dae-hoon, Chairman of the Overseas Korean Business Cooperative, Jang Dong-hwan, International Director of the Daejeon Bar Association.

Daejeon City is preparing to form an advisory committee for a systematic preparation. The advisory committee of Daejeon UCLG General Assembly will serve as an advisory committee on business planning and implementation in each field and international network. It is composed of 20 experts or less in each field.

Daejeon Mayor Huh Tae-jung said, "There were so many difficulties before the approval of the organizing committee, but it was achieved through the omnidirectional efforts of many officials." Through the 2022 UCLG General Assembly, we will inform the world of Daejeon, the science capital, and prepare various programs for citizens to participate in. We ask for a lot of attention and cooperation from the citizens.“

Meanwhile, the 2022 UCLG General Assembly is an international event to be held at Daejeon Convention Center and nearby areas from October 3-7 next year. Heads of city organizations from more than 140 UCLG member countries and key figures from international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and the United Nations Development Program will attend the event on a large scale. According to the feasibility study by the Institute for Foreign Economic Policy, the production inducement effect of holding the event is 38.4 billion won, the largest since the '93 Daejeon Expo' held in Daejeon.