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Greeting to Yeoksam Global Village Center!
Greeting to Yeoksam Global Village Center!
  • Quynh Anh Vu
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Recently, WalkintoKorea was honored to have the opportunity to meet Mr. Nihat Khalilzade, Director of Yeoksam Global Village Center.

CEO of WalkintoKorea (left) and Director of Yeoksam Global Village Center (right)

Located in the prosperous Gangnam district, Yeoksam Village Center provides most of the needs of foreigners living in Korea. The organization serves as the first point of contact for key international employees such as managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, diplomats, students, and other foreign residents.

In an effort to make the lives of foreigners in Korea easier and more convenient, they aim to organize special programs and events, and research and develop innovative ways new to provide great value to meet the needs of foreigners while in Korea. The organization's staff and the executive team regularly assess and review the needs of ex-pats and the effectiveness of the services they provide.

Currently, the company provides a lot of advice on all matters of interest to foreigners such as tax, labor, visa, or doing business in Korea. To support foreigners, the company has organized different types of events from general talks to one-on-one consultation meetings.

Yeoksam Global Village Center also organizes the Korean Immigrant Integration Program (KIIP) - A free educational program developed to help immigrants gain basic knowledge and information about life in Korea ( Korean Language and Culture, Understanding Korean Society, etc.) so that they can adapt and become autonomous members of Korean society.

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