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Have Your Best Summer Ever at Daejeon Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center
Have Your Best Summer Ever at Daejeon Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center
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Summer is the most ideal time for you to try all the water sport activities, and Daejeon Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center is guaranteed to be such an amazing place for that.
Let's find out what they have there!

In these days when the body and mind are easily exhausted in hot weather that exceeds 30 degrees every day. Meanwhile, we seem to forget that summer is an ideal time to experience all kinds of water sports. So how about enjoying some water leisure activities on the cool water? Let's go to the Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center, where you can enjoy pedal boats, rafting, and thrilling leisure kayaking.

The Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center, a very popular location for families, friends, and couples, lies near the Hanbat Arboretum, a representative attraction in Daejeon, so it is easily accessible. After leaving the arboretum and walking along Yudeungcheon for about 10 minutes, you can easily find a sign indicating the location of the experience center. There are well-developed bike paths along the stream, and there are many people who enjoy riding, so it is a good way to rent a public bicycle ‘Tashu’ in Daejeon.

When you arrive at the experience center, first fill in the event, gender, and age of the passengers on the experience application form and receive a receipt. On weekends when it is crowded with people, you can only use one ride per person, but if you visit on weekdays, you can choose your favorite sport such as pedal boating, leisure kayaking (canoe), rafting, and dragon boat (dragon boat) and enjoy it without time restrictions. Groups (of more than 10 people) visiting on weekdays can make a reservation through the website or over the phone, and on weekends, the experience is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, it might be not available to have a group of more than 4 people due to social distancing policies. 

The most popular sport for visitors to the experience center is by far the pedal boat. The pedal boat, which is popular among beginners due to its excellent stability, can accommodate 2-4 people, so it is perfect for enjoying with friends and family. In addition, unlike other sports, a roof is installed on the pedal boat to avoid strong UV rays on a hot summer day.

After receiving basic safety education, such as how to wear a life jacket and how to deal with drowning, move to the apron. When you sit on the pedal boat moored at the apron, the instructor will tell you how to operate it and the sections that you can experience. Between Dunsan Bridge and Expo Bridge, where experienced users can ride pedal boats, etc. If you cross the pier, it is difficult to rescue in case of an emergency, so be careful.

Experiencers enjoy a leisurely time chatting and saying hello to oncoming boats. Except for pedal boats, kayaks and chartered boats can get wet during the experience, so it is recommended to bring extra clothes.

  • Operating period: 11:00-17:00 (During summer: 10:00-19:00; closed on Monday).
  • Venue: Gapcheon Lake Park area (Expo Bridge - Dunsan Bridge) / 397 Mannyeon-dong, Seo-gu
  • Experience equipment: Kayak, Chartered boat, Pedal boat, Standing boat, Water bicycle, etc.
  • How to reserve: On-site registration, phone, or website
  • Information: / ☎ 472-8865, 472-3047