A Must-Have Marketing Book by The CEO of WalkintoKorea
A Must-Have Marketing Book by The CEO of WalkintoKorea
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CEO of Korean tourism promotion company "WalkintoKorea", Mr. Kang Dea-hoon has released a book on survival marketing tips for export businesses amid the global virus outbreak of Covid-19. Let's find out what it is about!
Mr. Kang Daehoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea
Mr. Kang Dea-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea

Export marketers, which have sold hundreds of products such as food, chemical materials, machinery, and plants at the top of exports for 25 years, have traveled around the world to meet the know-how and wisdom of market development. It is more beneficial when individuals and companies seeking to pioneer the global market draw big features.

"Survive to Sell - Global Marketing Weapon for Export Businesses", by Kang Dea-hoon, CEO of WalkintoKorea

It vividly tells 140 stories about how goods, services, and values are transplanted to customers. It contains the survival methods of companies that live only when sold and continue only when sold. It is composed of information and stories that field experts experienced during research and learning to explore the market, effective business trip strategies and invitation systems, human communication and smart work building a two-way augmented platform, finding buyers and counseling methods, and strategies to support field activities in three dimensions.

In particular, it also proposed realistic measures to cope with the post-corona era, such as digital marketing strategies that strengthen global networks by combining analog relationships and low-cost advertising marketing strategies.

To purchase the book, please visit here.

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