The Best Summer Activities with the Han River in Gapyeong (가평군)
The Best Summer Activities with the Han River in Gapyeong (가평군)
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Gapyeong City

The Han River is truly a symbol of Korea. To enjoy the beauty of the Han River, it is very popular to visit the famous beautiful Han River parks in Seoul filled with young people spending time camping by the river. But besides that, many people also choose to enjoy the Han River in the suburbs, where there are tons of extremely interesting activities, and an ideal place to escape from the noisy urban life. That place is the friendly city of Gapyeong.

Gapyeong Station, here we are!
Welcome to Gapyeong City!

We rented a riverside pension called Castle Pension (캐슬 펜션)  for our short 2-day summer break. Upon arrival in Gapyeong city, we were picked up and taken to the rental location. This pickup service was included in the travel package we had purchased.

The Han River view from the pension
People having so much fun on Han River!

The room for 4 people was simply designed but spacious and very close to nature. Standing from the balcony of the room, you could see a panoramic view of the Han River with people playing interesting water activities. The pension also has a free-access swimming pool for visitors.

The Han River view from the pension
Instant noodle breakfast~

The ALL-IN-ONE Package for each of us was \90,000 (~USD 76), including accommodation; 1 breakfast (instant noodles); 1 dinner (rice, continuously refilled grilled pork, soup, and side dishes); entrance tickets to play games with floats on the river and 3 games with speedboats. What a bargain for \90,000! 

Detailed Info about All-In-One Package at Nolja Water Leisure

In the afternoon, we went to the water park, which is 20m (~10 minutes walking) away from the pension. The water park service area provides each player with a mask and a life jacket. When participating in more dangerous games such as speedboats, the players are also required to wear a swim cap. The security guards also constantly monitor and remind/help players to wear life jackets properly or fasten seat belts when playing with speedboats. Everything is absolutely safe!

Nolja Water Park
Life jackets provided at Nolja Water Park

Other than the water park, there is a common area for visitors to rest or to have their snacks, which are also provided at an affordable average price. There are also public bathrooms, a fried chicken restaurant, and a parking lot for everyone. Outside the water park, there are public baths, fried chicken restaurants, and parking for everyone. They'll take care of all your needs while you're here: whether you want a shower, you're hungry, or you're arriving in a private car!

1st Floor's common area at Nolja Water Park (Photo credit: Nolja Water Leisure)
2nd Floor's common area at Nolja Water Park (Photo credit: Nolja Water Leisure)
The parking lot at Nolja Water Leisure's water park

In the evening, we come back to our pension for the dinner. Our meal by the pool at our pension was not only so delicious but also very relaxing with the shimmering lights around and the scenic view with fresh air from the Han river right in front of us. We ate a great full meal because the grilled pork was refilled continuously and it was completely free! In particular, the amazing soybean paste stew (Doenjang Jjigae - 된장찌개) made me eat more rice!

Dinner at Castle Pension - Chilling by the river ^^
The common area of Castle Pension (캐슬 펜션)

Gapyeong is such an awesome "summer" place for everyone: groups of friends, couples, or families. Not only fun water activities but also great scenery for your Instagram! Especially for only \90,000! Only about 2 hours by car from central Seoul, head to Gapyeong to feel the wild joys of the Han River from a different angle before this summer ends! Highly recommend booking 1 month in advance!!!

Gapyeong Nolja Water Leisure

Address: Gangwon-do, Chuncheon-si, Namsan-myeon, Bangha-ri, 366-1 KR (강원도 춘천시 남산면 방하리 366-1 KR)

Instagram: @vikingwaterleisure

For more information: (Korean only)

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