K-Pop Songs that Exude your Quarantine Feels!
K-Pop Songs that Exude your Quarantine Feels!
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Screenshots from K-Pop MVs, edited by the reporter

It has been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and everyone has been affected, including our favorite K-Pop idols. While we try to cope with the new normal and the vaccine rollouts give hope for us to freely go outside again, it will still take some time for the world to recover from the whole pandemic situation. Even so, we can take inspiration from these K-Pop artists as the worldwide crisis has not stopped them from doing what they like--making music and relating to their fans. They also take the chance to comfort their listeners amid the current situation. Here are some songs by K-Pop artists that one will certainly relate to during quarantine.

1. Zoom (CNBLUE)

Screenshot from “Zoom” MV by CNBLUE

The first Japanese single released by CNBLUE after finishing their military service instantly reminds us of a video conferencing platform. The song's vibrant tune uplifts the listeners' spirits and makes them feel close to the group despite the distance. (

 Watch "Zoom" MV: 


2. Not Alone (Seventeen)

Screenshot from “Not Alone” MV by Seventeen

Another Japanese single from the third generation boy group Seventeen, this song will surely chase the quarantine blues away with its lively tune and encouraging reminder that you are 'not alone.' Its music video gives out positive vibes as the members portray different people's circumstances amid pandemic, making the viewers move to the groove as they look on the bright side of the situation.

Watch "Not Alone" MV:


3. We Lost The Summer (TOMORROW X TOGETHER)

Screenshot from “We Lost The Summer” MV by TXT

Education is one of the fields that are most affected by the pandemic. Following the need to observe social distancing, most schools resort to online classes. This song shows how the students might be feeling toward the new normal, being unable to meet friends on what is supposed to be a fun season of the year.

Watch "We Lost The Summer" MV:


4. House Party (Super Junior)

Screenshot from “House Party” MV by Super Junior

This track released by the second generation K-Pop group encouragingly reminds listeners to observe basic health protocols: stay home and limit social gatherings. After all, as the lyrics say, we can still be connected without physical contact.

Watch "House Party" MV:


5. Life Goes On (BTS)

Screenshot from “Life Goes On” MV by BTS

Who would forget the internationally acclaimed boy group's song? With a sentimental tone and a hope-filled outlook on the future, anyone can easily sing along to this track. The world may have 'stopped' for now, but we can look forward to meeting each other again.

Watch "Life Goes On" MV:

By Honorary Reporter Rizza Joy Panganiban from the Philippines


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