Welcome to an authentic Sushi eatery in the heart of Daejeon!
Welcome to an authentic Sushi eatery in the heart of Daejeon!
  • By Quynh Anh Vu
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Do traditional Korean soups seem too hot for this weather and you need a change for today, maybe sushi? But does sushi seem too expensive? Don't worry because I'm about to introduce you to the No. 1 sushi restaurant in Jung-gu district in Daejeon city! The menu here is not only so affordable, but the foods are also super good and the amount served will fill anyone's hungry stomach!

Yeon Udon Japanese Restaurant

Located at a fork in the "Sky Road" in Eunhaeng-dong street, there is a small sushi shop that is as cozy as a small house. Although small, the restaurant is always full of customers because this is a very famous Japanese restaurant in this area. When the overseas students in Woosong University were asked about their favorite sushi spot, I can make sure that 80% of them would recommend this place!

These are very delicious dishes here. The restaurant seems to be very famous for its Udon noodles (named after this noodle dish). However, for me, the most special thing about this restaurant is their huge pieces of salmon! The salmon is extremely fresh and carefully prepared, never leaving a fishy smell. Before, I was actually not really into sushi. But after trying here, I became a big fan! I could literally eat sushi here every day, and believe me - not just me but all my friends too.

The bests of Yeon Udon's menu

Me and my boyfriend absolutely love this sushi restaurant. Not only sashimi or salmon sushi, 'yukedong' (or yuk-hoe rice?) is also a dish that we can hardly refuse. Moderately spicy, mixed with beef in egg yolk is extremely greasy with rich flavor. And if you also love Takoyaki, or "octopus balls" - the ball-shaped Japanese snack, the restaurant also serves "Haemun-yaki Udon" as well! Quite spicy, but ideal for those who like strong flavors - like spicy and burnt like they just came out of the fire.

Beautiful pieces of sushi served at Yeon Udon

As mentioned above, what makes this restaurant special to me, are the huge pieces of salmon! I often come here with friends, and the two of you can share a sushi meal and leave the restaurant full! Thus, each of us will only lose about 9 thousand won for our meal. That's really a bargain!!

I've been back to this restaurant so many times and I'm sure there will be many more! If you also have a passion for salmon, you will surely enjoy it as much as I do. Come give it a try and you won't be disappointed!

Yeon Udon (연우동)

  • Address: 50 Daejong-ro 480beon-gil, Eunhaeng-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon (대전광역시 중구 은행동 대종로480번길 50)
  • Open hours: 11AM - 9PM

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