The 38th Exhibition of Korean painter Lee Jae-ho (이재호) in Daejeon
The 38th Exhibition of Korean painter Lee Jae-ho (이재호) in Daejeon
  • By Kang Dea-hoon
  • 승인 2021.09.11 00:00
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Korean painter Lee Jae-ho, is the master of real-landscape paintings, and also an honorary professor at Hannam University. In his career, he has run 38 individual exhibitions, 450 group exhibitions, and 60 international exhibitions. Recently, his 38th individual exhibition was successfully held with an impressive showcase of his amazing artwork.

In this solo exhibition, from September 2 to 30, Gallery Art & Art B (Mr. Kong Coffee & Gallery - 미콩갤러리카페, Daeheung-dong) will present about 30 ink and watercolor paintings from the artist's point of view. This exhibition is being held as an invitational exhibition by Art & Art Gallery (CEO Byeong-Jin Kim).

Familiar landscapes such as Sodo Island and mountain village scenery are dominated. Works with both familiarity and freshness look very clear and dark in color throughout the screen, but if you look closely, they are too clear and light.

These works contain the artist's emotions. With deep affection and awe for nature, it maximizes the desire to look deeper, allowing you to meet the artist's heart scenery.

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