Daejeon's "Travel For All" (모두를 위한 여행) - To Spread Equality to Everyone
Daejeon's "Travel For All" (모두를 위한 여행) - To Spread Equality to Everyone
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Traveling is the passion of countless people on this planet. It's the joy of visiting new places, meeting new people, experiencing other cultures. Above all, that enjoyment is for everyone, no matter who you are, how different you are. So today, we would like to introduce to you a very meaningful organization, "Travel for All" (모두를 위한 여행), an organization that helps disadvantaged people with disabilities to be able to visit beautiful places like anyone else.

The organization was born exactly the same as the introduction above. They operate with the belief that the right to mobility and life cannot be taken away because of disability. People with disabilities, the elderly, or infants can all share interesting tourist attractions in Daejeon.

'Travel for All' (모두를 위한 여행) introduces interesting places in Daejeon with helpful descriptions for people with disabilities, such as whether there is slopes, restrooms for handicapped people, supportive table, how many stairs it has, etc. The diverse locations ranging from restaurants to cafes, even convenient locations such as supermarkets, public restrooms, public laundry, gas stations, etc. There is also information on tour activities.

The organization also urges everyone to support and participate in "Travel For All" for an equal Korea.

For more information, please visit the homepage: (Korean only)

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