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Guide to the collection system of National Health Insurance for Foreigners
Guide to the collection system of National Health Insurance for Foreigners
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Photo by Pulse News Korea
Photo by Pulse News Korea

Health insurance is extremely important in Korea, a very important precaution for your own safety, especially as a foreigner. Ironically, this is often overlooked among young people. Failure to take out insurance can pose a lot of legal risk, or put you at a disadvantage in many important ways, like, for example, not being able to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Therefore, please remember to invest in this insurance fund, because it is for your own good! Below, we will disseminate guidance on paying for health insurance for foreigners.

    1. Automatic Transfer

Health insurance can be paid automatically each month through your bank account, credit or debit card. Signing up for insurance is convenient and, of course, completely safe, as you can pay your insurance premiums on time and not worry about missing a due date.

    2. Receive Bills

Health insurance bills are sent each month to the place of residence you have told the immigration office. Always remember to report your whereabouts to the immigration office within two weeks of your move to a new place! And if you sign up for the electronic payment service, you will receive your insurance bill via email or your smartphone.

    3. Refund Account

If you sign up for a preliminary refund account, you can get your refund faster into your refund account in case of a refund.

Apply by calling 1577-100 or visiting a nearby branch office (customer service for foreigners).

    4. Delinquency Information

Health insurance benefits are only available when making medical contributions.
In addition, if a foreigner's past-due insurance contribution exceeds KRW 500,000, the delinquency information will be provided to the Ministry of Justice and will be used as the residence permit screening data by immigration offices, leading to disadvantages such as restrictions on visa extension.

Finally, wrap up the information you need at a glance!

  • Apply for automatic transfer: Paying insurance contributions conveniently without worrying about late fees.
  • Apply for e-bill: Receiving bills through your email/smartphone quickly and conveniently.
  • Register a refund account: Have your refund (if available) paid directly into your registered bank account. 
  • Unfreeze your benefits: Receive your health insurance benefits at health-care providers fully on the day you pay the overdue amount in full.


Foreign Language Telephone Counseling Service (English, Chinese, Vietnamese language): 1577-1000 (press 7) or 033-811-2000.

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