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Yellow Taxi (옐로우택시) - A must-visit for Jazz lovers in Daejeon
Yellow Taxi (옐로우택시) - A must-visit for Jazz lovers in Daejeon
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Yellow Taxi Premium Jazz Club is a must-visit if you are a Jazz lover!
A great place to chill with live music and good wine!

If you love jazz music, and are interested in live jazz pubs with a classic look like the Blue Note in New York, this is exactly the place to go - an amazing live jazz club lies in the heart of Daejeon!

This pub was founded by the president of the Daejeon Jazz Association, Mr. Park Jong-hwa. He was also the director of Daejeon Jazz Festival. With a strong interest in Jazz, he wanted to create a space where lovers of this music could enjoy together. So he started his own jazz club in 2002, so far called Yellow Taxi, with the desire to bring this music to more people.

Not only serving a great menu for wine connoisseurs, Yellow Taxi is famous for its great music space. Every Friday at 8:30 pm there will be a live music show at the bar. The artists are talented bassists, drummers, pianists, vocalists, from prestigious music schools, who have participated in famous music festivals.

This pub has been through a much tougher time than it is now, when the nightclub model with live music was not yet popular. But now, Yellow Taxi has become a great destination that everyone knows in Daejeon, for all ages, all those who love the sophisticated relaxing music of Jazz.

This is really a great place to relax on Friday nights. Come and support these talented artists!

Yellow Taxi 프리미엄 재즈클럽

  • Address: Daejeon, Yuseong-gu, Bongmyeong-dong, 615-2번지 1층 107호 (대전광역시 유성구 봉명동 615-2번지 1층 107호)
  • Open Hours: 6PM-3AM (Close time may differ due to Covid-19 situation)
  • Contact: ☎️042 487 4499 
  • SNS: Instagram@yellow___taxi / Naver: m.blog.naver.com/charles4477

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