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[#Gyeongju Tour] Exotic accommodations in Gyeongju(경주)
[#Gyeongju Tour] Exotic accommodations in Gyeongju(경주)
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※ Travel Highlights

Yangdong Village ‘Hyandan’: Looking down the panorama of Yangdong Village at Taechung
Temple Stay at Golgul Temple: Make room to your mind with Sunmu Training
Silla Millenium Park ‘Ragun’: Enjoy the scenery with refreshments
Panorama of ‘Hyandan’ located at the highest hill of Yangdong Village. Hyandan is the most well known antique mansion in Yangdong Village.

Yangdong Village was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage. The mansion boasting its splendid tile-roof at the highest hill of the village is Hyandan.

Hyandan was built in 1540 by bureaucrat Lee Un Jeok for his old mother at the size of 99 pillars and only 56 pillars remained. Entering Hyandan is a little different as people enter with wicket gate. The main gate is rarely opened except for VIPs.

- Place: Hyandan
- Address: Gyeongbuk Gyeongju City Gangdong Myeon Yangdong Ri 135
- Telephone Number: 010-6689-3575

Image of a guesthouse in Hyandan (ABOVE). The scenery at Taechung - Main Floor - (BELOW).

Guesthouse and Taechung above stereobate welcome visitors when entering wicket gate. Don’t miss the scenery from Taechung looking down houses down at the village and people visiting Hyandan.

Taechung to enjoy the scenery is also at the main building which is ‘ㅁ’ shaped building usually can be found in Gyeongsang region.

The main building which is ‘ㅁ’ shaped building usually can be found in Gyeongsang region is located at the back of guesthouse. You can enjoy the view of calm mansion at the main building.

Lotus Tea is also available at Hyandan.

Reservation is required to stay a night at Hyandan as only one group is available to preserve calm and cozy scenery of Yangdong Village.

View of Wonhyo Hall for Sunmu Training during Golgul Temple Temple Stay

Let’s visit Golgul Temple if you want to relax in peace. 

Temple Stay with various activity programs in clear air will vitalize exhausted mind.

Sunmu Training known as training in Buddhism contains physical, qigong training and meditation.

Sunmu Training known as training in Buddhism. Sunmu Training contains physical, qigong training and meditation. Golgul Temple is the head temple of Sunmu Training, Temple Stay harmonized with Sunmu Training will bring peace to your mind.

- Place: Golgul Temple Temple Stay
- Address: Gyeongbuk Gyeongju City Yangbuk Myeon Girim Ro 101-5
- Telephone Number: 054-744-0711
- Homepage : /

Various activities including meditation, tea ceremony and archery are available during two days of Temple Stay.

Temple Stay scheduled for two days to begin with Buddhist service at 4:30 am. Sunmu Training, meditation, tea ceremony and other various activities are included. In the afternoon, meditation is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and archery experiences are available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. It is a good way to choose when to stay considering what you want to learn.

‘Sunmu Hwarang Retreat’ is available for teenagers on summer and winter vacation seasons. This retreat focuses on moral education and mind&body training.

※ Traveling Tips

Alcohol, meat, smoking are prohibited and should not leave the training zone during the stay. Also, showy items of clothing are not recommended.

Whole view of Ragun at Silla Millenium Park. Ragun is located close to the site of Silk Road Gyeongju 2015.

Another exotic accommodation in Gyeongju is Ragun. Ragun is a subsidiary facility of Silla Millenium Park and boasts its traditional Korean style building. There is no need to worry about distance as Ragun is located close to the site of Silk Road Gyeongju 2015.

Corridor at the in front of rooms. You can feel as if flying back to the past while walking down the corridor.

Ragun has consisted of 16 rooms along the corridor over 100 meters.

- Place : Silla Millenium Park ‘Ragun’
- Address : Gyeongbuk Gyeongju City EXPO Ro 55-12
- Telephone Number : 054-778-2100
- Homepage :

The view of a room in Ragun. Rooms with traditional ‘Ondol’ and bed are available, an open-air bath is also available.

Each room is consisted of traditional ‘Ondol’ and bedrooms with open-air bath at the hall to drawing-room. Don’t miss the hot spring bath which is good for your skin.

Enjoy the scenery of lake at the veranda connected to your room.

Veranda to enjoy the scenery is connected with ‘Ondol’ room. You can look down to the lake when opening windows. The tea table is also available for a cup of tea. Enjoying a picturesque view from the veranda will be a good way to relax.