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Samdong International - One World, One Family!
Samdong International - One World, One Family!
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Samdong International is a Korean NGO established in 2008 by Samdonghoe, a social welfare corporation. Currently, they are making beautiful changes in the construction of the paradise world through support for Southeast Asian students in Korea and overseas children's treatment projects and cultural exchanges against poverty, ignorance, and disease in 5 overseas countries.

Samdong International has been working hard on the sharing project starting with the Nepal well digging project in 2009. As a result, Samdong International obtained the NGO special consultative status from the UN Economic and Social Council in April 2015, 6 years after its founding, thereby securing its status and status as a global NGO.

Samdong International established local corporations in Nepal, Mongolia, and Laos under the ideology of “One World, One Family” based on the Samdong ethical spirit of Jeongsan Jongsa (2nd head of Won Buddhism), establishing and supporting educational institutions and libraries, and providing medical services through overseas volunteering.

The panoramic view of Samdong & Baekcheon Technical Vocational School in Laos.

They are also conducting a support project and a scholarship project for local university students who are having difficulties in Myanmar. In particular, in 2021, the Samdongbaekcheon Technological University was established in Xiengkwang Province, Laos, to nurture the hopes of local youth.

Samdong International Corporation Chairman Kim Young-joo

As an NGO representing Korea, Samdong leads the role of private diplomacy in the international community and leads change for good in society. Together with their staff, they aspire to become a strong force to implement Samdong's moral spirit, towards an equal world with a pure, fair, and generous mind.

For more information: sdi.or.kr

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