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Mind-healing campaign "Pause in Korea" by Korean Tourism Organization
Mind-healing campaign "Pause in Korea" by Korean Tourism Organization
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LA branch of the Korea Tourism Organization promotes the 'Pause in Korea' campaign.
'Pause in Korea' field experience photo

LA branch of the Korea Tourism Organization (President Ahn Young-bae) is promoting the "Pause in Korea" campaign to promote healing travel as a travel theme suitable for the post-Corona era. The campaign was designed to heal the mind and bodies of those tired of the prolonged COVID-19 and induce them to visit Korea as a healing destination after easing restrictions on overseas travel.

'Pause in Korea' field experience photo

To promote the campaign, the corporation rented the Helen J Gallery located in Hollywood, LA, and held three unique events on September 30, October 7, and October 9 to promote Korean culture and tourism for high-end cultural enjoyment. One participant in the field event said, "I meditate every day, but tea meditation was a different experience. "I plan to visit Korea next year, and I want to experience other traditional cultures in Korea," he said. It also plans to hold an online live tea ceremony event on October 21 to provide tea sets to participants and introduce Korea's tea ceremony and meditation culture through tea ceremony demonstrations.

'Pause in Korea' field experience photo

Meanwhile, after consulting with Korean meditation experts, the corporation has produced 11 videos under the theme of tea ceremony, temple stay, hanok stay, and walking meditation, and is promoting them through a campaign site ( Visitors can experience recommended meditation suitable for the situation, such as "When you need a break," "End of a hard day," "When you want to be alone," and "Throw away thoughts," while ASMR videos combining scenery, sound and meditation texts in every corner of Korea provide indirect experiences for travel to Korea.

Jung Byung-ok, head of the LA branch of the corporation, said, "It is time for the mind and body to be easily exhausted due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation. I hope that it will lead to the achievements of attracting tourists by introducing Korean culture and promoting Korean travel for healing using Korean unique contents such as Temple Stay and Tea Ceremony.“


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