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KOREA TOUR CARD - A must-have item for Korea Travel!
KOREA TOUR CARD - A must-have item for Korea Travel!
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One of the things that Korea is famous for is its extremely neat and convenient public transportation system. People living in Korea are used to a card system called T-money, which integrates payments for all public transport, such as taxis, buses, subways. And the Korea Tour Card exclusively for tourists was born. In addition to the convenience of public transport, the card also offers attractive discounts on travel content, such as shopping, food, concerts, and more.

This utility card also has a mobile app version called "Korean Tour Card", available on Google Play. With the NFC function of the mobile phone, users can use it to pay not only for public transport (subway, bus, taxi, etc.) but also for purchases at Starbucks, McDonald's, and convenience stores. With this card, you can charge and refund with your credit/debit card, and check your balance anytime, anywhere.

The Korea Tour Card costs 4,000KRW and is sold at convenience stores. Cardholders can also top up the card at convenience stores or subway stations. The maximum amount that can be loaded onto the card is 500,000KRW. And to get a refund, cardholders can go to any major convenience store branch nationwide, Tmoney service center at the metro station (station office) or Tmoney Town.

A must-have item for travel! Don't miss out the benefits for cultural events and tourist destinations provided to you on the KOREA TOUR CARD.

For more information: www.koreatourcard.kr/en

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