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The 2021 Regional Performing Arts Festival will kick off!
The 2021 Regional Performing Arts Festival will kick off!
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The 2021 Regional Performing Arts will be held from 4 p.m. on October 23 (Sat) and 24 (Sun) at Eoulim Hall in Daejeon Lifelong Learning Center.
The 2021 Regional Performing Arts Festival "Daejeon Dance and Music Performance Festival" Poster

The Daejeon Branch of the Korean Traditional Music Association (Chairman Lee Hwan-soo) announced that the 2021 Regional Performing Arts Festival - Daejeon Dance and Music Performance Festival will be held at the Daejeon Lifelong Learning Center at Eoullim Hall from 4 p.m. on the 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Sunday).

This year's second regional performing arts festival "Daejeon Mu⸱ak Yeon-hee Festival" (대전舞무·樂악연희축제) is a performance that offers a glimpse of various interpretations of Nongakmu and has variously reconstructed the court performance of King Sejong of Joseon, the background of Nongakmu-dong. You can see the harmony of East and West, past and present, generation-to-generation, and dance harmony of harmony & similarities, and it will show the excellence of Nongak, which only Daejeon has.

Branch Chairman Lee Hwan-soo said, "We have prepared a cool cider-like performance that will open the hearts of citizens who are frustrated by COVID-19 through face-to-face performances. I left the door open as a place to enjoy and play with citizens," he said, hoping for a lot of viewing.

The event is sponsored by Daejeon Metropolitan City and the Daejeon Cultural Foundation and is expected to establish itself as a representative performing arts festival in the region, and is expected to greatly contribute to the expansion of the base of Korean traditional music as well as citizens.

Daejeon Lifelong Learning Center (대전평생학습관)

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