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Lee Ki-sang's natural lacquer(Ottchil), life, and health. (Part 1)
Lee Ki-sang's natural lacquer(Ottchil), life, and health. (Part 1)
  • Choi Yong-chul
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*‘Ottchil’ means natural lacquer in Korean.

Lee Ki-sang is a natural lacquer craftsman who is active in the Daejeon Viewers Media Center production team and the Sumitdeul Village Broadcasting in Jeongnim-dong, Daejeon.

He has studied crafts, culture, and history, materials, and efficacy related to traditional Korean natural lacquer for the past 20 years. Under the theme of <Lee Ki-sang's natural lacquer, life, and health>, he would like to help you know the efficacy of natural lacquer in your daily life and use it healthily.

In our daily lives, we are often exposed to environmental hormones, carcinogens, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, harmful substances, and harmful bacteria, which often harm our health. So I would like to tell you the story of natural lacquer that our ancestors have used and used since 2000 years ago.

Lee Ki-sang

There are quite a few people who have a hard time with natural lacquer allergies even if they are near lacquer trees.

The word "natural lacquer" has two meanings. First, it refers to the sap of the lacquer tree. Second, it also refers to skin diseases, or allergies, caused by toxicity in lacquer trees.

Natural lacquer sometimes causes dermatitis, but there are many benefits to our body. Therefore, it has been passed down from generation to generation from our ancestors. Today, I will give you information on natural lacquer.

Shall we take a look at the characteristics of natural lacquer first?

Varnishing with natural lacquer is a very precious and long-lasting substance that benefits the body and has little harm if used well in our daily lives.

The biggest feature of natural lacquer is that it has antioxidant functions along with its strong preservative and insect repellent effects. Most plants protect themselves by secreting powerful antioxidants. Lacquering using lacquer trees is more antioxidant than anything else.

You're saying that using the antioxidant properties of natural lacquer helps us in our daily lives, right?

Let me explain the objects we use in our daily lives as an example. Lacquered and used objects such as bowls and teacups lead to an amazing phenomenon that prevents food from decay and maintains taste with strong antioxidants.

Typical antioxidants include vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, which we take through food and nutrients, and natural lacquer is also strongly antioxidant. The reason for lacquering traditional Ritual equipment was to prevent food from deteriorating. You can see the antioxidant effect of natural lacquer through lacquered Ritual equipment, bowls, and spoons.

Natural lacquer woodenware

I only cared about fresh food ingredients and delicious food, but I think I've used bowls and tools to eat them without much consideration. Plates containing food also affect my health, so I need to choose and use them.

We use it casually, but if you use plastic spoons, you will eat plastic, and if you use stainless steel spoons, you will consume a variety of metals in stainless steel little by little. Of course, harmful substances from bowls or tableware will affect your health.

I'm a little afraid of getting allergic to natural lacquer if I use a natural lacquer bowl or spoon. Would it be okay?

Natural lacquer is collected from lacquer trees in a liquid state. When it paints on a material, it reacts with oxygen and hardens black to form a coating film. The coating of natural lacquer gets harder and harder as time goes by.

When the natural lacquer is in a liquid state, natural lacquer may get on it and cause natural lacquer allergies.

Although it is solid, it may be less hardened and cause natural lacquer allergies. You don't have to worry because if the natural lacquer is completely hardened, you won't get an allergy to natural lacquer. In addition, natural lacquer allergies vary depending on the individual constitution, so you can check in advance how the natural lacquer reacts before you encounter it and use it safely.

Natural lacquer woodenware

I heard that there are many fake natural lacquer products on the market. Then, how should I buy natural lacquer products?

First of all, the real natural lacquer does not smell like disgusting chemicals.

Fake natural lacquer is mixed with formaldehyde, a carcinogen, and smells bad and sticky.

You can see that it's real natural lacquer by analyzing the ingredients accurately. You know acetone that simply removes nail polish, right? When acetone is applied to the tissue and rubbed on natural lacquer products, something should not be stained and the natural lacquer should not dissolve. And, there should be nothing wrong with heating for more than 5 seconds with a disposable lighter. Natural lacquer can withstand high temperatures of 450 degrees.

<Next time, I will tell you the story of the Tripitaka Koreana. Let's find out what hidden secrets were there to preserve the Tripitaka Koreana, which contains the wisdom and wishes of our ancestors for a long time.>

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