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Daejeon Blues (대전 부르스), a makgeolli pub where you can enjoy Korean alcohol deliciously
Daejeon Blues (대전 부르스), a makgeolli pub where you can enjoy Korean alcohol deliciously
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A pub bearing the name of the song that symbolizes Daejeon, "Daejeon Blues" (대전 부르스)
Daejeon Blues Makgeolli - 대전부르스 막걸리
Daejeon Blues Makgeolli - 대전부르스 막걸리

Daejeon Blues is a pub for ordinary people where they can enjoy Korean alcohol. The song that symbolizes Daejeon is "Daejeon Blues." The song was created after the Korean War, inspired by the "Train bound for Mokpo at 00:50 from Daejeon." The lyrics "Leaving Daejeon heartlessly 00:50" symbolize Daejeon in the railway era. Since singer Ahn Jung-ae first sang this song in 1956, Cho Yong-pil, a top Korean singer, has re-introduced it and became a favorite song of the people.

Daejeon Blues (대전 부르스), a traditional cafe in Daejeon with the same title as this song, is located in Daeheung-dong, Daejeon. It is a cafe where you can enjoy alcohol in a simple Nostalgia atmosphere like a song.

Here, you can drink makgeolli "Daejeon Blues" and taste a variety of Korean liquor such as soju. Side dishes include fried kimchi and green onion pancake on tofu. Not only ordinary people but also local artists flock at low prices.

In Korea, you can see a drinking cafe in front of a glass and share political, economic, social, and cultural stories. The reason why we don't advertise in particular is that there are regulars in each cafe. The scale is not large because regular customers are operated as major guests. However, it is an open atmosphere that anyone can hear.

When you hang pictures drawn by local artists or pictures taken by artists on the wall, customers sometimes live. Hang up works that are not sold until they are sold. As such, Cafe Daejeon Bruce is also a small gallery that shares a bar. It is a generous atmosphere for foreigners living in Korea to come and sing a song.

Daejeon Blues - 대전부르스

Address: Daeheung-dong 492-1, Jung-gu, Daejeon (대전 중구 대흥동 492-1)

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