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Sanya Exhibition Area for Cultural Exchanges and Support Events becomes an Instagram-worthy location at the fourth CIIE
Sanya Exhibition Area for Cultural Exchanges and Support Events becomes an Instagram-worthy location at the fourth CIIE
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- The shining star of the expo shows Sanya's unmatched appeal as an international tourism destination

SHANGHAI, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off in Shanghai on November 4, 2021. With its Exhibition Area for Cultural Exchanges and Support Events, which serves as a new platform for enhancing the visibility of Hainan province, the city of Sanya showed its appeal to the world by once again participating in the international exhibition. 

Sanya Exhibition Area for Cultural Exchanges and Support Events becomes an Instagram-worthy location at the fourth CIIE

The CIIE provides a major opportunity for Sanya to accelerate the establishment of a free trade port while facilitating the growth of both its domestic and foreign trade, and, by extension, the growth of its economy. The exhibition also creates a platform for communications, negotiations and collaborations between Sanya and its partners in both the domestic and international markets. During the expo, many Chinese and international exhibitors, dealmakers and buyers visited the booth to continue negotiations and engage in consultations while expressing their confidence in the potential of the Chinese market, and especially that of Hainan province, with Sanya serving as a prime example.

During the exhibition, a team led by Albert Yip, director general of the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board (STPB), engaged in negotiations and exchanges with a number of exhibiting organizations in a move to fuel the growth of Sanya's tourism sector by luring investment.

Notably, the design concept of the Sanya booth was a key element in the garnering of its star status at the event. The booth depicts a station where the force of the waves advancing on the shore with the rising tide, in line with Sanya's commitment to fully leverage its abundant tourism resources and further the opening-up of its tourism market. The booth also featured an 18-meter space tunnel that was created by using the wave-like design alongside shoals of fish that swam over the top of the tunnel in various scenarios as if they are guiding the audience into different spaces. With the trendy designs, the booth drew the attention of many passers-by who immediately started snapping photos and selfies, making it an Instagram-worthy location.

The Sanya booth also hosted the "Wonderland Sanya"-themed pop-up dance performance with Welcome to Sanya as the theme song. With the hosting of the delightful and fun performance, the booth built a closer connection with the audience, especially when members of the audience joined in the dance alongside the professional dancers while engaging in business discussions and negotiations. Such a result could only be delivered by the Sanya team, coming from a tropical locale that is also characterized by a passion and determination that is unique to itself.

During the expo, a surprise appearance at the booth was that of the STPB mascot, which also proved to be a huge draw. Many visitors were quick to grab selfies of themselves standing next to the figure of a cute fish, increasing the Instagram-worthiness of the booth. The visitors could also immerse themselves into a unique island experience by playing an interactive motion-sensing game.

The Sanya Exhibition Area for Cultural Exchanges and Support Events at the CIIE succeeded in doing a thorough job of showcasing Sanya's abundant resources in the realms of culture, tourism and trade while demonstrating the city's unmatched appeal as a tourism locale. The city's participation in the event also opened up new opportunities for the city to enhance its brand image as an international tourism destination through increased visibility.

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