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Totozzle Festival - Saturday Night Fever that you can enjoy every weekend in Daejeon!
Totozzle Festival - Saturday Night Fever that you can enjoy every weekend in Daejeon!
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Every Saturday night, a feast yard is held in the original city center of Daejeon, where music and food are harmonized.
Totozzle Festival

Daejeon City announced that it will start face-to-face programs for the Totozzle Festival in earnest in the original city center, including the central market and Eunhaeng-dong, from the 13th as the phase of daily recovery begins.

Until now, it has been focusing on non-face-to-face programs such as live commerce, YouTube content production, and citizen participation contests. According to the step-by-step recovery of daily life, face-to-face programs such as digital treasure hunts, busking performances, couple bridge flea markets, and drone light shows will be expanded.

Digital Treasure Hunt is a program that solves hidden missions along with quizzes in the central market using a smartphone web or app. Participants who complete the mission will be given Onnuri gift certificates.

The treasure hunt runs from 13:00 to 17:00 every Saturday, and you can participate after making a reservation in advance on the Totozzle Festival website (

Busking performances will be held with the participation of artists from our region, and performances will be held under various themes at Daejeoncheon Stream (stream stage under Mokcheokgyo Bridge), Couple Bridge, and Wooridul Park. In the first performance on November 13, songs and saxophone performances will be held at 18:00 in Daejeoncheon Stream, Couple Bridge at 19:00, and Alcanto Ensemble performances will be held at 21:00 in Wooridul Park.

Couple Bridge Flea Market is a program that exchanges used goods or sells handicrafts with the participation of teenagers and the general public. It will be held at Couple Bridge.

The drone light show expresses the shape and letters representing our city over the Daejeon Stream with more than 300 drones in light. The first performance will be held twice at 19:00 and 21:00 on November 20.

Daejeon City urged people to check the detailed schedule on the Totozel Festival website before participating, as face-to-face programs have different schedules for each program and can be changed due to weather.

Son Cheol-Woong, director of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Daejeon City, said, "Since the expansion of face-to-face programs at the Totozzle Festival will enrich the enjoyment, I hope the whole family will have a good time at the festival site."


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