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"Metaverse School Revolution by Kim Eunhyung - A book we recommend!
"Metaverse School Revolution by Kim Eunhyung - A book we recommend!
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Smartphones and computers are daily necessities for Generation Z children of Homometabus. Children meet friends and exchange learning information within the Digital Metaverse. It became their territory and became their home of life. Now, we have to evolve children into human beings with tools that freely handle smartphones. The Metaverse to which they belong is identified with reality for children, so they should clarify their educational goals and conduct step-by-step philosophy and personality education from infancy. 

Great individuals are born through valuable choices and decisions. Children's education also expands more and more when they voluntarily expand their field of inquiry. Now, children's educational areas should not be limited to school subjects but should focus and guide them on the knowledge of all lives in the world that will affect the child's entire life. It is project learning in which everything in daily life, including food, clothing, and shelter, is learned. Just as camping to the valley to avoid the heat requires everything, and both the preparation process of camping and the process of camping is great learning for children. This is 'lifestyle education.

The author predicted future education by dividing the "Metaverse," which has rapidly emerged since COVID-19, into two main branches. These include commodity capitalism-based "Digital Metaverse" such as games and individual and cosmic "Natural Metaverse" in which nature has retained since the beginning. To put this in easier everyday terms, the former is a developmental aspect of science and technology civilization, and the latter is a slow-life life orientation. Both roads are the real world of Meta-faction, where Generation Z children, the Metaverse generation, must live. The role of future education is to help children choose and decide two worlds wisely with their own imagination and live in a human and harmonious way. 

The book proposes to redesign the educational edition with individual customized educational programs so that Generation Z children, the Metaverse generation, can keep their uniqueness.  Therefore, this book will guide educators and parents in finding the direction of future education.

The author Kim Eun-hyung

She is a humanities education writer, educational designer, cultural planner, storyteller, and lifestyle-ist. She is a lifestyle education expert who has advocated "lifestyle education" with the philosophy of "education as life, life as education, and daily life as education," a key issue in modern society, as an alternative to future education. It has become an icon of the "School Revolution" that has led students to change their lives throughout their 30 years of teaching. 

With the belief that parents' lifestyles are the first education children encounter, various homeschooling education experiments based on family food, clothing, and shelter, as well as innovative educational planning and cultural planning, share revolutionary alternatives to education through YouTube, brunch, Facebook, and Instagram. There is a book titled "Mom's Lifestyle, Becomes the Future of Children."

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