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Philippine actor in 'Squid Game' talks acting and life in Korea
Philippine actor in 'Squid Game' talks acting and life in Korea
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Christian Lagahit, the Korea-based Philippine actor appearing in the smash Netflix K-drama "Squid Game," has gained international attention for assuming the role of Player 276. 

Aside from acting in Korea, Lagahit is a data analyst, marketing consultant and a teacher of English. He also runs his own YouTube channel titled "Explore with Ahjussi," which highlights his trips and other experiences in Korea, and is a leader of the Philippine community in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do Province.

Lagahit has appeared in hit Korean movies like "The Negotiation" and "Space Sweepers."

The interview with Lagahit was conducted through Nourhan El-demerdash, who works with the actor, on November 1st. The Filipino has lived in Korea for six years and started getting acting gigs on shows from 2017. 

"I was scouted by a Korean manager, who saw me at a studio while I was casting. She asked for my details and from then on, she started sending my portfolio to productions," the actor said. "In 2017, I started going to casting calls." 

Lagahit's first appears in "Squid Game" in the fourth episode, when his character takes part in the tug of war. 

On difficulties he has faced in Korea, he said, "It's actually not hard because I can speak Korean. I'm not that fluent but had to speak Korean in the previous dramas I was in. I always do my preparation, which is to review and practice before the shoot with the help of my manager and the director."

"'Squid Game' was a huge success not just in Korea but in the world because of the great storyline. Every episode had a cliffhanger that left viewers looking forward to the next one. And aside from the storyline or script, the cinematography and cast were amazing."

Lagahit also answered questions from fans on Twitter.

Ana from Portugal: How did you get your first acting role?
It was 2017 when I got my first role with lines, and after that, everything followed. It all started when my manager said I had potential and encouraged me.

Jas from India: Which was your favorite game in 'Squid Game' and who was the funniest on set?
The fatal tug of war was my favorite. Aside from me, (Indian actor) Anupam Tripathi, who played Ali, was the funniest. 

Fatima from India: Did you ever think 'Squid Game' would get this big?
No, this was beyond my imagination. I knew it would be a great series because of the director but never thought it would gain this much attention.

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