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Carnival Is Back! Major Carnivals Like Venice And Rio Carnival Are Set To Return In 2022
Carnival Is Back! Major Carnivals Like Venice And Rio Carnival Are Set To Return In 2022
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MIAMI, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Carnival - the world’s biggest party is set to return in 2022! This chaotic, colorful and uninhibited celebration occurs in over 50 countries worldwide. Last year carnival was cancelled around the world but now with the pandemic being more under control carnival will make a triumphant return in 2022!

Some of the biggest and most iconic carnivals including Rio Carnival, New Orleans Mardi Gras, Venice Carnival and the famous Caribbean carnivals Trinidad Carnival and Jamaica Carnival have all confirmed they are gearing up for next year’s celebrations. Each carnival has their own unique style and way of celebrating like the flamboyant Samba Parades at Rio, the Masked Balls at Venice, costumed street parades throughout the Caribbean, or catching beads in New Orleans.

Carnival ticketing platform Carnivaland partners with many major carnivals around the world selling tickets to carnival fetes, parties and parades. Carnivaland CEO Antonio Alarcon stated that after months of speculation they are elated to see carnival return to the scene.

“Last year was tough for everyone and we are so excited to see so many major carnivals going ahead. Carnival is so much more than just costumes and wild parties, it is an important expression of cultural identity that generates over $100 billion annually. More importantly Carnival brings people together regardless of race, age, age, status, social class or nationality and I think we have all been missing that togetherness and belonging in our lives.”

Some carnival events for the 2022 carnival season are already on sale on

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