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5 comforting K-pop songs to listen to this fall
5 comforting K-pop songs to listen to this fall
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The breathtaking scenery of autumn is perfect for listening to comforting K-pop songs. The following are five songs I recommend in this beautiful season.

Leaf' by Ravi

A beautiful and emotional song by this Korean rapper featuring 10 cm, this song is about how people can push themselves too hard and often experience emotional breakdowns. Ravi through his lyrics advises people to avoid this situation and instead live life positively and to its fullest.

'Autumn Morning' by IU

A cover of the original song released in 1991 by folk singer Yang Hee-eun and guitarist Lee Byung-woo, this track is about a man reminiscing about a casual fall morning. 

'Tree' by Car, The Garden

I first heard this song in the K-drama "Chocolate." This comforting song is great for couples, the broken-hearted or those missing a loved one. 

'Autumn Outside the Post Office' by BTS member Jin 

This cover of a rock ballad originally released in 1994 by singer Yoon Do-hyun of YB (Yoon Band) is by Jin of super K-pop group BTS. The track is about a person waiting for his loved one in front of a post office in fall who suddenly thinks of how long a beautiful thing in the world can last.

'Falling Leaves Are Beautiful' by Heize

This song from Heize's EP "Late Autumn" describes the pain of separation just like the seasons, but says the pain will eventually make way for happier things in life.

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