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Every Wednesday at 11:30, join Daedeok Valley Radio!
Every Wednesday at 11:30, join Daedeok Valley Radio!
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Daedeok Valley Radio is a citizen-participating community media in Science Village, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon. It is a broadcast produced by local residents and starring local residents to increase opportunities for themselves to experience media and improve their quality of life.

The broadcast is produced with social service and talent donations from the cast and production teams, and the purpose of the Daedeok Research Complex is to share the value of the science village and contribute to the popularization of science by communicating with Daejeon citizens through broadcasting.

Using the lives of related local people such as scientists and technicians in Daedeok Special Zone and venture companies as the main content of broadcasting, it forms a consensus among local members and raises a sense of community.

With the talent donation of the civic production team that sympathizes with the purpose of establishing, the broadcast will be produced and live-shared once a week via its broadcast channel: Daedeok Valley Radio Facebook Page.

Various events by public institutions and scientists in Yuseong-gu will also be shared through Facebook live broadcasts. Individuals and groups connected through broadcasts are connected not only online but also offline to expand points of continuous exchange and cooperation.

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