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A day around Daejeon's largest Underground Shopping Mall at Jungang Road (중앙로지하상가)
A day around Daejeon's largest Underground Shopping Mall at Jungang Road (중앙로지하상가)
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Jungang Underground Shopping Mall is many people's favorite marketplace. Read on to learn what it has!

Have you ever heard of underground shopping malls? If you live in Daejeon, you must have heard of such a very famous place... Yes! In addition to the busy shopping streets in Daejeon such as Sky Road, Daejeon's Jungang Underground Shopping Mall is also an extremely interesting place. This is one of the largest underground shopping malls in the country!

Beneath the streets with busy traffic is a whole other world of shopping. You will be as surprised as I was when I first came here because there is literally everything: clothing for all ages, phone accessories, jewelry, shoes, retail stores of cosmetic brands. Korea is famous, and so on. Especially, perhaps because of the underground location, the prices of the products in the underground shopping mall are also much cheaper than other places.

Pretty clothes with a surprisingly reasonable price!
Clothes of all styles...

I still remember the first time I came here, I was so excited. Although the items here are not to my taste, I am impressed by the shopping space here. Maybe it's because I've never seen an underground store model before in my country. It is such a great shopping place that can beat the summer's heat or winter cold, or maybe just to hide away from the rain. Personally, I especially like it on rainy days. This underground mall can make such a romantic movie scene for your witnesses by just taking a moment and watching people.

Korea's most famous drugstore, Olive Young

There are also many amenities around. Jungang Underground Shopping Mall stretches from Daejeon Station through Jungang Market to Sky Road shopping street in Eunhaengdong. Therefore, around here, there are not only other entertainment places but also many restaurants and cafes. Such convenience, do you think?

I especially like Jungang Road, it's like the famous Myeong-dong shopping street, but less crowded and still fascinating. It is a mixture of the bustle of a shopping street and the slowness of the city. As an international student, I find Korea to be a really worthwhile place to spend my student time in. There is so much to discover and entertain here that you certainly haven't explored it all yet.

Jungang Road Underground Shopping Mall

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