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Dreamy city Daejeon through Kim's Travel lenses!
Dreamy city Daejeon through Kim's Travel lenses!
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Youtube channel Kim's Travel has made a gorgeous film project of Daejeon City!
Check out now!

Say hello to the loveliest city ever, Daejeon~!! 

Kim's Travel, a travel channel, has made a really beautiful film project of Daejeon city! Kim's Travel is a Youtube travel channel that is by a travel writer with 20 years of travel experience. Click on the video below to see the beauty captured in Dajeon.

With the support of Daejeon Metropolitan City and the help of the Daejeon Tourism Association, Kim's Travel team has successfully made such a beautiful film of a trip to Soje-dong Alley and Daedong Sky Village - all are the most gorgeous locations in Daejeon. You can join the trip at home by watching the video, but I just want to get myself there right away to film beautiful videos like Kim's Travel did! 

If you love the video, go give them a Like and Subscribe to their Youtube channel 킴스트래블 Kim's Travel to support them! 

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Daedong Sky Village 

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