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The 7Best Natural Ecological Areas in Daejeon for UCLG
The 7Best Natural Ecological Areas in Daejeon for UCLG
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Daejeon city tourism association recommend you enjoy ecotourism in Daejeon to participate in the UCLG Daejeon

Daejeon has beautiful natural scenery surrounded by three major rivers, Lake Daecheong, and mountains. The seven selected destinations are △ Heukseok-dong Norubeol △ Wolpyeong Park Gapcheon Wetland △ Daecheongho Lake Chudong Wetland △ Gapcheon Tamnipdolbo △ Sad Sonata Filming Site △ Samjeong-dong Ecological Park △ Ihyeon-dong Ecological Wetland. The ecology is well preserved, making it a good place for citizens tired of COVID-19 to recharge.

The seven selected destinations were recommended by the autonomous district last year and selected through a survey of citizens and a selection committee composed of ecological experts. 

 The Daecheong Lake is the third largest lake in Korea with a reservoir area of 72.8 km2, a length of 80 km, and a volume of 1.5 billion tons. The romantic Obaengnigill Trail includes S-shaped reed field spreads along the lakeside and runs for about 12.5km along the waterfront, and most of the moving section is made of wooden decks, so you can take a comfortable walk. It is about a 40-minute drive from DCC, and you can enjoy the romance of the beautiful lakeside near the city.

It is expected to contribute to attracting tourists by promoting the beautiful natural ecology of Daejeon City. The Daejeon City Tourism Association said we recommend those attending the UCLG Daejeon enjoy ecotourism in Daejeon.

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