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The 7 Best Natural Ecological Areas in Daejeon
The 7 Best Natural Ecological Areas in Daejeon
  • Choi Yong-chul
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Daejeon City has released promotional videos to guide the seven excellent ecological areas in the jurisdiction on YouTube.

The seven selected destinations are △ Heukseok-dong Norubeol △ Wolpyeong Park Gapcheon Wetland △ Daecheongho Lake Chudong Wetland △ Gapcheon Tamnipdolbo △ Sad Sonata Filming Site △ Samjeong-dong Ecological Park △ Ihyeon-dong Ecological Wetland. The ecology is well preserved, making it a good place for citizens tired of COVID-19 to recharge.

The seven selected destinations were recommended by the autonomous district last year and selected through a survey of citizens and a selection committee composed of ecological experts.

Promotional videos can be seen on Daejeon Internet Broadcasting YouTube.

It is expected to contribute to attracting tourists by promoting the beautiful natural ecology of Daejeon City.

Daejeon City said, "We will preserve it as a place where we can represent the natural ecology of our region through the production of the seven beautiful natural ecology videos."


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