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Meet the Korean Mime Heroine, Choi Hee
Meet the Korean Mime Heroine, Choi Hee
  • Donny Yim
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Mime is a magical art that brings you to a new world
Choi Hee, a Korean Mime Artist


Can you briefly explain about Mime? 

Mime uses only gestures and facial expressions without using languages and expresses all thoughts and emotions through your body.

It is another mysterious language that allows you to freely express your thoughts and feelings artistically through physical movements.

Gesture language, which is freer and sometimes more intense than words, can be improvisatory. Individual creativity through gesture language can lead to another experimental play. 

What is Gestus?

The Mime Contemporary Physical Theatre, “Gestus” opened in Daeheung-dong, Daejeon city in early January 2009. The literal meaning of Gestus is gestures in English. 

This place has caught public attention because it is the only mime creative space in the region and played a role in another artistic communication space such as providing lectures for citizens and organizing Mime festivals since it was founded. 

Her passion for mime

The host of the space is Choi Hee, one of the few contemporary mime artists in Korea. She has studied mime and play at the European Physical Theater School and the French Professional Actor School. She has directed, choreographed and lectured in Seoul and the other region. Gestus was the name of the French Physical Research and Theater Company, which Choi co-presented. She reused the name in 2004 when she opened the mime space in Daejeon.

Choi said, “Gestus is not only a creative space for mime professionals but also a comfortable cultural space where ordinary people can communicate with the pure art of gesture language.”

According to Choi, the biggest characteristic and merit of mime is the expansion of your imagination, world view, and mind. "Free movements awaken the body like my breathing, and when the body wakes up, the brain comes alive and moves," “The reason why many theater actors and dancers learn how to mime is that they want to expand the scope of free gesture language, not standard style,” she added. 

How was she interested in organizing a festival involving youth?

She especially wanted to create a place where adolescents could enjoy the freedom of their body away from the frustrating institutional education environment. For the start, she organized the Youth Gesture Competition and she could design to host a mime festival from her experiences eventually.

One of the reasons why she tried to attract especially young people is that she considered mime is more free and intense than the words so it could easily foster the creativity of young people.

Daejeon Art Mime Festival 2018

Tell me about the Daejeon Art Mime Festival 2019

Deajeon Art Mime Festival 2019
Deajeon Art Mime Festival 2019

The Daejeon Art Mime Festival, which marks its 11th year, is the only mime festival held in Daejeon.

The festival will be held on 27 and 28 September at the former Chungnam Provincial building and Yuseong Yurim Park.

The theme of the opening performance is “Space of Peace,” which is intended to express the meaning of pursuing coexistence and harmony through mime and cultural arts.

In addition to the performances of Gestus team, several mime artists from Korea and abroad (such as French, Japanese, Chinese and other) will join together to show their various performances.

The second day of the festival (28 September) will take place at Yuseong Yurim Park from 3 pm to 10 pm. The main program titled, '사통팔달(Satongpaldal) Artspace', was designed as a cultural outlet project which local and international artists can empathize with audiences through their performances, focused on ‘get together’, the regional meaning of Deajon Metropolitan city. A lot of mime artists will be performing for the event. 

Besides, there will be a special session to watch experimental creative works using gesture languages. Featured works include dance theater, improvised movements, flying arts, visual arts, exhibition performances, collaborations with local artists, and installations.

Additional programs include art experience programs which anyone can experience circus playing, art Healing project(my body AHA!), masquerade playing, bubble activities, and others. The 11th Youth Gesture Contest is also an important part of the festival.

Anything to add? 

Choi said “ Social support and genuine interest are needed for artists who continue their creative works. I will continue to create my own branded art festivals where arts and amusement coexist through mime performances “.



For more information about Daejeon Art Mime Festival 2019, please visit 


By Donny Yim