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Bomunsan Wooden Observatory stands tall in the middle of the original city center!
Bomunsan Wooden Observatory stands tall in the middle of the original city center!
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Bomunsan Wooden Observatory

In 2024, Bomunsan Mountain will have the tallest eco-friendly wooden observatory in Korea.

In the past, Bomunsan Mountain was popular for picnics and school trips because there were various facilities such as a comprehensive theme park, an outdoor music hall, Sirubong Peak, and Bowundae. Now, the facility is aging, so there are not many visitors.

Daejeon City is trying to make Bomunsan Mountain, a symbol of Daejeon citizens, a new landmark.

Under the goal of creating Bomunsan Mountain as a representative attraction for Daejeon travel, Daejeon City announced the "Basic Plan for Bomunsan Mountain Travel Infrastructure Expansion Project" and is speeding up its promotion.

Bomunsan Wooden Observatory

Daejeon City recently held an architectural design contest for the Bomunsan Wooden Observatory. The 'Big Tree' was selected, which embodies the connection to an eco-friendly future city that harmonizes well with the Platanus trees connected from the roots of the underground space to ground branches and leads the future trend of carbon neutrality.

The city decided to build a wooden observatory in Bomunsan Mountain into two buildings with a total floor area of 1,226㎡ and an observatory and a complex cultural building with a maximum height of 48.5m to create a complex cultural space centered on horizontal flow from a simple vertical observatory.

Observation decks, gallery cafes, skywalks, and event spaces will be reflected in the design through sufficient consultation with the Design company in the future.


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