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Expo Civic Square Outdoor Skating Rink will open on the 18th.
Expo Civic Square Outdoor Skating Rink will open on the 18th.
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Operations from December 18, 2021, to February 13, 2022. It offers winter leisure spaces such as skating rinks and folk sledding grounds.
Expo Civic Square Outdoor Skating Rink (Opened in 2019)

Daejeon City and Daejeon Marketing Corporation announced that the Expo Civic Square outdoor skating rink will open on the 18th as a leisure space for citizens in winter.

Ice facilities such as skating rinks, folk sleds, and curling experiences, as well as a Christmas tree with a height of 15 meters, are abundant to enjoy.

The hours of use are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and are not open every Monday. The fee is 1,000 won per hour. Basic living recipients registered disabled people, and people of national merit can use it for free.

Expo Civic Square Outdoor Skating Rink (Opened in 2019)

The opening event on the 17th was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19. Instead, it can be used free of charge from 18:00 to 20:00 on the 17th within the scope of quarantine rules.

The operation is subject to the vaccine pass system according to the COVID-19 situation, so the skating rink can only be used if the vaccination has been completed and the PCR voice verification is valid (48 hours). The number of inmates is also limited under quarantine rules.

Daejeon City urged citizens to thoroughly observe the operating rules even if they are somewhat uncomfortable, as compliance with the quarantine guidelines is urgently required due to the recent spread of COVID-19.

In addition, some operations may be suspended due to COVID-19 situations or fine dust warnings, so it is also recommended to inquire about the operation before visiting the skating rink (☎070-4206-5586).


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