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DYC Co., Ltd making its way to 2025 NASDAQ list by attracting investment
DYC Co., Ltd making its way to 2025 NASDAQ list by attracting investment
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DYC Co., Ltd, which has the vision to grow into a global leader in eco-friendly sterilization and disinfection, is a source technology company that mass-produces raw materials and products of fusion products using chlorine dioxide and was established in 2020 through Hoseo University's startup package. 

Park Joon-ho (박준호), CEO of DYC Co., Ltd, served as the general manager of mass production products that applied long-term preservation technology at room temperature from the beginning to 6,000 ppm, from Chemopia Co., Ltd to DYC Co., Ltd.

He is also a technician who has completed convergence products that can be applied in all directions to each business field, such as powders, tablets, gels, and chlorine dioxide generators based on mass-production technology.

DYC Co., Ltd CEO Park Joon-ho (박준호)

DYC Co., Ltd produces and delivers fusion products through eco-friendly pure chlorine dioxide (concentration technology), and due to the nature of venture companies, it selects sterilization, disinfection, water treatment (green algae removal, biofilm removal) / agriculture (residual pesticide, leading agent)/blue ocean living (sports/medical). 

Through this, DYC Co., Ltd has currently supplied it to Gimcheon Health Center, Yangpyeong-gun Agricultural Technology Center, Wisdom Hospital, and Asan Health Center, and has started selling to public institutions and companies, and is steadily increasing overseas exports to China, the United States, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru, and Nigeria. In addition, it has been selected as K-CLUB, a KIST family company in recognition of its technology, and is preparing to be listed on the NASDAQ in 2025 by attracting investment.

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