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Get to know "Taegeuk-Minton", A new Covid-19 Era Sport Concept
Get to know "Taegeuk-Minton", A new Covid-19 Era Sport Concept
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Have you ever heard about the new concept of sport in Korea, "Taegeuk-Minton"? Let's find out!

These days, sports activities have shrunk due to COVID-19, which has continued since last year, indoor sports developed by an organization in Daejeon are gaining popularity among many sports players.

Taegeuk-Minton, developed by Taegeuk World Sports, is a racket sport that uses both hands and is designed to reduce the elasticity of the racket and ball by combining the Taegeuk athletic principles of indoor sports created by combining the Taegeuk athletic principles of the East and badminton of the West.

In addition, the game method can be said to be a life-friendly sport that many people can enjoy together in a small space with a relay method that allows three-to-three teams to play not only singles doubles but also volleyball methods.

Taegeuk Minton has developed a Taegeuk-Minton app and Taegeuk-Minton VR games so that children can access them in a friendly way through the phoenix characters Narmon (symbol of "Taegeuk") and Ormon (symbol of "Gungongamni" to advance into overseas markets as well as domestic markets.

People who pursue healthy lives and aim for scientific and human-friendly sports around the world are enjoying Taegeukgi, and it is currently contributing greatly to the promotion of national prestige as it is entering 11 countries around the world, including the United States, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Mongolia, Australia, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Park Ki-beom, CEO of Taegeuk World Sports, said, "We want to establish ourselves as a racket sport where we can enjoy and become one with people around the world, and actively support Taegeuk Tennis to overcome COVID-19 by leading a healthy life."

For more information, visit:

Taegeuk World Sports - 태극월드스포츠

Address: Business Center No. 15, 200 dong, 2nd floor, 3-1 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (대전광역시 유성구 도룡동 3-1번지 2층 200동 15호 비즈니스센터)

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