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Daejeon Transportation Corporation launch ceremony and forum planning
Daejeon Transportation Corporation launch ceremony and forum planning
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An inauguration ceremony to celebrate the launch of the Daejeon Transportation Corporation was held on January 10th.

Daejeon Transportation Corporation held an official launching ceremony on January 10th and took the first step toward serving as a public transportation control tower in Daejeon with the attendance of Daejeon Mayor Heo Tae-jung, Daejeon Police Agency Commissioner Yoon So-shik, Daejeon Metropolitan City Chairman Kwon Jung-sun, Korean Transportation Association Chairman Lee Seon-ha, City Council Industrial Construction Chairman Kim Chan-sul, and Administrative Autonomy Chairman Hong Jong-won.

Daejeon Transportation Corporation was promoted to systematically implement the "Daejeon Public Transportation Innovation Strategy" announced in September 2021. Daejeon City plans to foster Daejeon Transportation Corporation as a public transportation company that comprehensively manages public transportation operations by adding tasks such as 'Daejeon-type MaaS'*, an integrated transportation platform including urban railroads, city buses, and tram operations.
* Mobility as a Service (MaaS): An integrated transportation service that provides optimized information and payment for various means of transportation such as subways, buses, and railroads on a single platform.

In addition, the transportation culture training center (currently Daejeon Tourism Organization), Tash (currently Daejeon Facility Management Corporation), and the transportation support center (currently Daejeon Social Service Center) operated by various affiliated organizations, were transferred sequentially to major transportation policy projects in Daejeon. It is planned to serve as a control tower for promotion.

The Daejeon Transportation Corporation plans to complete the construction of a "Daejeon-type MaaS" this year, which allows users to use various means of transportation from home to destination and receive transfer discounts, and introduce a pilot service in the first half of 2023.

According to Mayor Heo Tae-jung, “Daejeon Transportation Corporation will play a pivotal role in the mega-city of Chungcheong Province in the future.”

“We expect that Daejeon Transportation Corporation will become a bridgehead in cooperation with the city of Daejeon to promote major transportation-related issues such as tram construction, C-ITS (next-generation intelligent transportation system) construction, and Daejeon-type horses,” he said.

Meanwhile, Daejeon Transportation Corporation President Kim Gyeong-chul said, "As a public transportation specialized organization, we will provide safe and prompt public transportation services to Daejeon citizens and make efforts to contribute to the improvement of citizens' convenience and welfare."

Meanwhile, after the inauguration ceremony, a policy forum was held as the second part of the event, and discussions between industry, academia, and research experts (central ministries, academic societies, and private mobility companies) continued.

At the forum, Daejeon Transportation Corporation's R&D director, Gyeong-bok Lee, presented a vision of the projects and tasks that Daejeon Transportation Corporation should promote and upgrade after the conversion and establishment under the theme of 'Role and development plan of Daejeon Transportation Corporation'.

Professor Jang Ki-tae of KAIST, under the theme of ‘Successful Promotion Plan for Daejeon-type MaaS,’ suggested a plan for a successful promotion of MaaS using domestic and overseas MaaS policies and Daejeon’s traffic information.

Daejeon City plans to hold expert forums and public hearings from time to time to collect opinions from experts and citizens and support the construction so that Daejeon Transportation Corporation can be settled as soon as possible.

For more information about this press release, please contact:

  • Lee Chang-hee, the main officer of Daejeon Metropolitan City (☎ 042-270-5731)
  • Yoon Seok-young, the main officer (☎ 042-270-5712).

Additional information:

Inauguration Ceremony and Expert Forum

  • Date: January 10, 2022, Monday, 13:30-14:30pm (Inauguration Ceremony)/ 14:30-16:30pm (Expert Forum)
  • Place: Daejeon Transportation Corporation Grand Auditorium (formerly Daejeon Urban Railroad Corporation)
  • Hosted by: Daejeon Transportation Corporation.
  • Organized by: Daejeon Metropolitan City, Korean Society of Transportation.
  • Attendance: Mayor, City mayor, Construction President, Central Government Department, President of the Transportation Association, etc.

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