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The travel media friend for the trust readers, WalkintoKorea
The travel media friend for the trust readers, WalkintoKorea
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WalkintoKorea is looking for partnership with design, web marketing, advertising PR companies, and travel agents.

WalkintoKorea is a global media that reports tourism news and introduces the Korean Wave. We publish English news to promote (Korean) cities, cultures, tourism, and industries to the world. Our readers are foreigners in Korea as well as the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, the Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Vietnam, France, and Ireland. 

As for our side activities, we served as an acting PR Agency for the 19th World Korean Business Convention (Korean Conference) in 2021, a national event in Korea. We are (also) working with the World Korean Press Network, a media organization subscribed by 7.5 million Koreans in the 180 countries around the world.

WalkintoKorea is an affiliate of global media company PR NewsWire and Globe Newswire, which can send news around the world. In addition, it is in media cooperation with international organizations UNWTO and UCLG ASPAC. The organization supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and is working in an effort to revitalize local tourism in the global village.

WalkintoCity is a global promotional platform that is the parent company of WalkintoKorea. This platform is joined by people of various nationalities, races, and religions. These two organizations were founded by CEO Kang Dea-hoon, who has 25 years of global marketing experience. 

WalkintoKorea CEO Kang Dea-hoon

WalkintoKorea CEO Kang Dea-hoon (Kang Dea-hoon) is a marketing expert who coaches governments and companies on global business strategies. He wrote a number of marketing books, including “Survive to Sell”. He participated in a Korean presidential organization for international cooperation. He is also a senate member of Junior Chamber International (JCI), is a non-profit international non-governmental organization, has members in about 124 countries. and serves as a member of the board 2022 Daejeon World Congress Organizing Committee of UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments).

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